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Tarsar Marsar Trek: Complete guide

by akshat01

The ethereal fantastic thing about this geographic area is beyond any doubt impressive, that infuriates poets, nature lovers, and tourists. The tarsar marsar landscape is embellished with snow-clad mountains, velvety inexperienced meadows, fast-flowing rivers, alpine forests, lovely alpine lakes, and whatnot. Truly, Kashmir deserves the title of “Heaven on Earth”.

Keeping aside the natural beauty, Kashmir is additionally the place of many in-style range trails. Tarsar Marsar trek is one in every of them. Tarsar (12,450 ft.) and Marsar (13,000 ft.) are 2 lakes in high mountains that are visited throughout this trek. nevertheless these two, Gadsar Lake and Sundersar Lake are certain to make Tarsar Marsar Trek a lifespan expertise for you.

On Tarsar Marsar Trek prepare to run on the greenest of meadows carpeted with colorful wildflowers, to cross a full flown stream on a bridge of picket logs, to greet a number of the heartiest individuals on earth, to envision a river meeting a full flown ice mass before getting into civilization, to run with many sheep, to get up to a heart touching read day after day and to see the foremost lovely of the lakes hidden in an exceedingly setting of rugged mountains.

Best Time to go to Tarsar Marsar

The most effective time for the trek is from April to September.

The path of the Tarsar Marsar trek remains clear and therefore the landscape greener. Trek to Tarsar Marsar in the Gregorian calendar month is once more an honest time to travel for.

The most effective time of all for the  trek in August and September. In these 2 monsoon months, there’s very little precipitation within the geographic area’s natural depression and the weather remains clear and tourist-friendly.

Weather and Temperature

Temperature and the weather For this walk, July to August is the most comfortable period.. The daytime temperature roams around fifteen to eighteen degrees once sunny. In cloudy or rainy weather temperature ranges from four to five degrees. However, at nighttime temperature falls drastically to 1-3 degrees. From the time period to Sept Tarsar, Marsar weather starts changing into colder. Throughout this point the temperature at night fluctuates from -3 to -5 degrees.

Tips for Tarsar Marsar Trek

  • The Tarsar Marsar geographic area trek is 47.6 km long from the bottom camp. The trek takes you to the best 13400ft on the mountain. Therefore, acute altitude sickness is common among first-timers or to people who are additionally at risk of AMS.
  • Carry medications, check oxygen levels, and be conscious of your body. If feeling uneasy, drink water, take medicine, and rest for hours. If you’re still not well then discontinue the trek.
  • Tarsar Marsar could be a monsoon trek, thus always remember to pack a raincoat, plastic luggage in your backpack. Also, carry a water-proof protect your backpack.
  • Pahalgam has the last ATM, however don’t consider the last ATM because it runs out of money frequently. Withdraw cash at Srinagar or even before that.
  • Mobile service works until Pahalgam. Also, the postpaid SIM doesn’t add Kashmir. thus higher take a postpaid phone association particularly for this trek.
  • Electricity is out there till the bottom camp of Aru. Also, in Aru, there’s no power backup, so if the electricity service shuts down it takes time to come back. Therefore, carry a torch and a few batteries with you.
  • Do carry the initial and a replica of the government-issued identity card. citizen card, Aadhar card, passport, driving licence – any of those is enough. You must submit the required paperwork to the forest department before going on a trek. While not on this step, nobody is allowed to trek.

The ways to reach the basecamp

To induce the trek you want to reach in Srinagar. Don’t forget to report at the traveller report center of Srinagar.

To Srinagar

Srinagar is well connected with the remainder of the country by train and airways.

By air

Most airlines operate flights to Srinagar’s Sheikh-Ul-Alam airport. underground cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bombay are directly connected to Srinagar by air.

By Train

The closest railroad station to Srinagar is Jammu. Jammu is once more well connected to major junction stations of India.

From Jammu, one will take a flight to Srinagar that takes just forty minutes, or take an instantaneous bus that takes around ten hours. Taxis and cabs are alternative choices too, taking eight to nine hrs. to reach Srinagar.

Srinagar to Aru (basecamp)

At Moxtain, we offer you with acquire and drop automobile service from Srinagar to Aru and Aru to Srinagar.

If you would like to rearrange transportation on your own, then shared cab and personal cab services are available from Srinagar to Pahalgam. From Pahalgam, you wish to change your taxi.

However, no transportation company is out there to Aru.

Issue Level of Trek

Tarsar Marsar trek level is simple to moderate. Some parts of the path have rough patches, steep ascent or descent, and boulder-filled zones that make this trek a touch difficult for beginners.

  • The tough descent through the pass that comes when Sunderser lake, towards Marsar lake is also the largest hurdle for any first-timer. Still, a well-prepared individual with sensible quality trekking shoes will simply overcome it.
  • If you don’t have any expertise in trekking however are committed and extremely obsessed with taking this trip, then prepare yourself mentally and physically for 2-3 months.
  • For skilled trekkers, this trek could be a huge affirmative to travel for.
  • Lastly, the Tarsar Marsar lake trek features a heap to offer. There are a really few lake treks within the chain of mountains that are as magnificent, as bold, and delightful as this is often in terms of scenery, and therefore the mild challenges the path throws to trekkers.

So, no matter what your expertise level is, this trek technically is for all except tiny children, family, and aged people.

Is this Tarsar Marsar trek safe?

This trek is completely safe as a result of the trail being found in an exceedingly remote part of Kashmir, distant from urban settlements, and with no likelihood of agitation and skirmishes.

the sole time once you are available in contact with civilization is when you commute from Srinagar to Aru or come to Srinagar by road.

throughout this time, if you suddenly encounter unrest or an explosive curfew is imposed, then don’t panic. Taking some preventive  measures will prevent an unpleasant and dangerous situation, like :-

  • keep in traveler areas, ne’er try and explore unknown areas and downtown on your own.
  • Before booking any non-public transportation, enkindle details and take a look at to verify the knowledge you’ve been provided with.
  • keep afraid and sophisticated with native news, be alert concerning what’s happening around you.
  • Tarsar Marsar geographic area trek is operated by skilled trek leaders who have sound knowledge of the individual piece of land and alternative local circumstances. they’re trained to handle AMS and alternative medical attention initially. The trek is additionally organized for a span of seven days in order that you’ll be able to acclimate well and handle the physical strain of the journey.

So, if you trek to Tarsar Marsar Lake, rest assured that you just are within the mitt with the proper people.


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