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Uttari Betta : One day trek in Karnataka

The trek starts in a small village before crossing the fort's wall, and then going through seven stone entrances to arrive at the halfway point of the climb. It is identified by a temple that is dedicated to the Lord Shankareswar at the top on the mountain.

by rakeshchaudry


Karnataka trek Uttari Betta is a 5 kilometers hike over stunning green and lush terrain that provides quite Karnataka distinct views of the scenery which are similar to those of the Western Ghats. It is also among the most sought-after day hikes in Karnataka and is considered one of the most beautiful within the country. 


The views on the temple’s top is beautiful, and enough to blow your mind away for a moment. After we’ve walked through the temple, the journey continues , going through a small tunnel. We will be able to see a totally diverse and awe-inspiring environment before reaching the grassy top of the hill.

The summit is surrounded by huge stones. After a few minutes at the top, with conversation and eating a food picnic, Karnataka trek it’s time to start the long climb back to the beginning point of the hike later in the afternoon.




11:00 p.m. The pickup starts at 11:00 p.m. Bangalore at a variety of scheduled pickup locations.


02:30 AM: Get to the base of Uttari Betta and take some time to relax.


03:00 a.m. Start the ascent up to the summit of Uttari Betta.


04:30 a.m. Then, you will reach the top of Uttari Betta, where you can sit around the campfire while watching the sunrise.


In the morning, start to descend down to base, having seen the sunrise.


07:30 AM Start by stopping at the end of the road to tidy up and eat before you continue to.


11:00 a.m. Then, arrive at 11:15 a.m. Bangalore to bring your amazing journey to an end.




Hike in the Early Morning




Drop-off and pick-up services are available within Bangalore and in the vicinity of Bangalore


Other Factors to Consider




Permits to Go on a Trek


Trekking Directions for the Trail from NammaTrip




Things to Take with You


A small backpack that can carry the items below.

Bottles of water

Bars of energy

First aid kit are also good alternatives.

Jackets and sweaters are appropriate for the evening.

A raincoat or a poncho (if it looks like it is raining)

A few extra clothes are always an ideal idea (in the event you decide to swim into the lake)

A good pair of sports shoes or hiking shoes are highly recommended.

Additional batteries for flashlights or torch

Equipment for photography (Camera) (optional)




Bags, sticks or other tools, along with your own equipment , as well as those of other equipment, should be moved.


If you’re exploring the natural world do not expect to find bathrooms in the hills’ vicinity. The only restrooms are in the hotel as well as at the campsite (you will arrive to the campsite or hotel for lunch or breakfast).


NammaTrip cannot be held accountable for personal belongings that get lost or misplaced.


Be prepared to be without electricity and other modern amenities in this area.


COVID-19 SOP (COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure)


The trekkers

must wear gloves and face masks during the hike. And must wear them throughout the entire time.


The size of the group

Is kept to a minimum to maintain social distance. Karnataka trek Throughout the trail, hikers are required to maintain a distance of 5 feet between themselves and the other.

The trekkers must carry and use hand sanitizer regularly on a regular basis for their own security.


To prepare for the trek 

Every participant will be asked about their journey over the past 10 days.

If a traveler is caught in the warning zone, or has an worrying past travel record. He/ must submit covid tests that were conducted within. The last five days prior to being able to proceed with the reservation.


If a trekker experiences any signs or symptoms during the walk. Earlier the trekker will be asked to end the hike immediately.

The trekkers are advised to avoid spilling, spitting or gargling during their trip. They should also be allowed to give away water bottles or other personal belongings in any way.

The pre-boarding procedure 

Will include a temperature test of all. Passengers as well as the bus driver and face masks are provided when needed.


The mode of transport

Selected will be utilized to the maximum extent of 70 percent.

 All the necessary information about the trekkers, like their age, their phone number, and address are recorded and kept. We will receive the participant’s photo identification card issued by the government.


We’ll be urging everyone to follow the guidelines of Covid-19 on Social Distancing and the rules and rules of various state government.


The hikers must sign a disclaimer and be advised of what they aren’t allowed to do on the hike.






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