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How to Import Outlook MSG Emails to PST in Bulk?

by contarinorosario

An email is stored in MSG format when a user drags and drops it from Outlook to their desktop. MSG files are excellent for maintaining anonymity because you can exchange a single email rather than a whole PST file. However, MSG gets worse when it comes to portability and exchanging numerous emails. Users may desire to import Outlook MSG emails to PST primarily for sharing and mobility reasons.

I’ll outline a few free options for importing MSG files into PST format in this article.

Expert Recommended Solution to Import MSG files into Outlook

Users prefer a third-party MSG Converter due to the restriction and limited situations where manual approaches fail. Numerous companies that offer automated software to import MSG files can be found online. But not everyone is for you.

Use the Advik MSG to PST Converter if you can relate to any of the aforementioned situations. The most popular and suggested method for importing MSG files into Outlook is this one. Most businesses have used this program to import their MSG files due to its speed and sophisticated capabilities.

Procedure to Export MSG Files to Outlook

  1. Launch the program.
  2. On the Add menu, click.
  3. Browse the MSG file directories after that.
  4. Select Outlook PST from the menu.
  5. Make use of the filter and other choices.
  6. Finally, select Export.

Why is it recommended to use Advik MSG to PST Converter?

  • First off, there are no restrictions on inputting the MSG file’s folder size or number in the Shoviv MSG converter. You may therefore add an infinite number of MSG file folders.
  • This software has a filter feature and was created for professionals with many MSG files. Include/Exclude Subject, From, and To criteria are the filter options.
  • Users of this MSG converter can produce both varieties of PST files (ANSI and UNICODE). Users can also secure the resulting PST files using a password.
  • This MSG converter enables an uninterrupted resume of the importation operation in the event that it is halted for any reason.
  • Users can convert MSG files into PST without using an Outlook profile or software.
  • There is a split choice. As a result, users can create PST files of any size.
  • Last but not least, users can import MSG files into Office 365, Live Exchange, Outlook Profile, and EML file formats with the MSG converter.

In other words, this MSG to PST converter meets the majority of users’ needs. Additionally, the software has been used in the trickiest situations, and it always works out well.

Manual Way to Import Outlook MSG Emails to PST – If you act wisely, it is simple.

Importing MSG files into Outlook is simple. Users can create MSG files using the same Drag & Drop technique.

Method 1. Drag-and-Drop Approach

  1. Open Outlook first.
  2. Then Create a new folder by going to the Folder tab. (For me, it’s “MSG emails”)
  3. Select the MSG files by going to the MSG files folder.
  4. Drag and drop MSG files into the brand-new folder at this point.

The procedure of importing MSG files into Outlook is straightforward and easy. However, you can also utilize the copy/paste approach if it doesn’t work for you.

Method 2. Copy and Paste MSG files into Outlook

  1. To paste MSG files into Outlook, first copy all of the MSG files from the MSG files folder.
  2. Paste these into the desired Outlook folder after opening Outlook.

Limitations of Using Manual Solution

Read this before using outdated methods;

Users can easily and for free import MSG files into Outlook, but if you have several PST files and want to import certain MSG files, I won’t recommend a manual way.

Both manual approaches did not offer any filters to remove unwanted MSG files, and there is no assurance that the Folder structure and data integrity will be preserved. Additionally, if your process is manually interrupted, you must resume it. Additionally, there is a good potential that your MSG file may become inaccessible, which means you could lose all of your crucial data.

Multiple MSG file import attempts may cause Outlook to hang or become unresponsive.

Situations where manual approaches are not recommended

  • I am aware that companies may have 100,000 (one lakh) MSG files. Additionally, they ought to desire to eliminate undesirable MSG files, but there is no manual facility for this.
  • Additionally, there may be instances where users want to make a different PST file specifically for MSG files. You also cannot accomplish this manually. Manually importing MSG files into Outlook results in the storage of MSG file items with existing PST data.
  • Manual approaches are not advised if your MSG files are numerous. Your MSG files can become inaccessible as a result of having too many MSG files, which will cause Outlook to become unresponsive.


MSG files can be manually imported into Outlook without any prior setup or technical knowledge. Use the Shoviv MSG converter, however, if you want to eliminate undesired elements or make a separate PST file for MSG files. You must use the free version as well.

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