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7 Different Ways To Get Started Investing In Real Estate

by Jagdish Patel

While many people imagine purchasing a tiny rental home when they think of investing in real estate, however, there are numerous ways to enter Gambia real estate. Each has its own rewards and risks as well as distinct investment opportunities.

Land Speculation

Land speculation occurs when you purchase a parcel of land with the intent of selling it in its entirety or in smaller pieces.

In certain areas in the nation, it is possible to own the land, but you can sell mineral or water rights droits to other companies like mining operations, oil companies and natural gas corporations.

While land speculation is typically a temporary type of real estate companies in Gambia. A smart investor who knows the requirements of the business they’re pursuing (gas and oil farmers, miners, homebuilders or commercial developers is able to make a handsome profit by selecting the appropriate parcel of land at the right price and at the appropriate date.

Land speculation is relatively simple however it can be risky. It is important to know the benefits that your land has for the specific market it is in and its value at the moment, and also its potential. Additionally, you’ll need to employ experts to record the entire process.

Since land speculation is primarily about serving as a middleman between the land developer and land seller there is a significant amount of risk particularly if demand for the property you own in your region begins to decline.

Remember the mall that they were declaring was coming 20 years ago, and remains an empty field of grass?

Flipping Houses

We all know about flipping house for sale Gambia. What you see on television doesn’t give the entire picture of what’s involved in buying an apartment, fixing it up, and then selling it to someone who’ll appreciate it.

You’ll require a substantial amount of capital to cover the cost of labour and materials and subcontractors or a construction team that you can count on.

Additionally, you will be subject to numerous inspections, each of which must be passed prior to being permitted to sell your home.

Construction loans are a possibility however they can be difficult to get as an initial flipper due to the requirements for experience and other terms imposed by banks.

In the current market for real estate an investment that’s priced appropriately and is expected to appraise at the asking price might not be able to last for very long at all.

Prepare yourself to complete any additional repairs which the buyer’s inspection finds. The house will never be perfect regardless of the number of people who have worked on it.

In the event of a catastrophe your house flip could be transformed into a rental. It’s not ideal however, and it could take longer to recoup your investment, however it’s a viable option when the property doesn’t have buyers.

Sometimes the market is shaky once you’ve launched a venture and the only option you have is to continue moving forward. Always be prepared with an exit strategy in case you decide to invest in property flips.

gambia real estate

Image Source : Swami India International Limited

Short-Term Rentals

Rentals for short-term periods are an excellent way to earn some extra cash with homes that aren’t being use or additional housing units (ADUs) that are already locate situate on your property.

If you lease short-term rental units by the evening or during the week it is possible to be cautious about who is granting the keys. There is also the possibility of higher yields than with an ordinary residential lease.

Make sure that the area that houses your rental property for short-term rentals permits this kind of deal, as many homeowners associations and municipalities are in the fight against short-term rental landlords and some have even been able to ban them completely.

It is also essential to stay at the top in your service to customers skills because reviews from guests can decide the reputation of your property.

Small-Scale Residential Rental Properties For Rent

A few people decide to invest in property through just buying a couple of small residential properties. A few houses or duplexes could be a good start for you to get an idea of the lifestyle of an active landlord.

A majority of very small landlords pick their own tenants and manage the maintenance themselves (as well as their own expulsions).

When you begin to build your portfolio of properties it may be a good idea to engage a property management company. In the beginning the profits are likely to be too small for a property manager.

Land lording can be describe as a business that a lot of us recognize since we’ve the opportunity to lease something from someone else at one moment in time.

This makes it more secure as opposed to, say, speculation on land. But, you’ll also need to enforce leases and keep the property.

This could be anything from collecting rents from tenants who refuse to pay them, to scolding the backhoe and plumber when the sewer line decides to suddenly collapse on a Saturday morning at 3 a.m.

Large-Scale Residential Rental Properties

In contrast to small-scale residential rentals larger-scale rental properties tend to be quite hands-off operations.

These are usually larger apartments or housing developments with one owner, or an entire portfolio of residential homes. If you don’t have a large amount of cash to invest for investment, you’ll want to consider investing into these buildings as a part of the investment portfolio of a group.

The group could consist of several friends who have money to invest or a business that permits the purchase of shares of the development.

Large-scale portfolios of residential rental properties are a great option to begin your journey into investing in Gambia apartments without having any prior experience in the field of construction or leasing. Take note of the management company of the portfolio, however.

Commercial Real Estate

Making your investment in commercial Gambia real estate could mean many things. It could be a mini-storage facility or buy several warehouses that are empty located in industrial parks, the mini-mall or one that houses offices.

The leasing of each property requires a distinct expertise, but in the final analysis commercial properties typically are more valuable than residential properties and typically fetch higher rents.

Commercial real estate may be high-risk, however. Certain kinds of property are more difficult to rent in low-priced markets.

In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic office rentals were unpredictable, as certain companies are letting their employees return to the office, while others have employees working at home. (Warehouses are, on the other hand, cannot be rent quickly enough.)

When you’re entering directly-owned commercial property, it’s essential to have a reliable managing agent or property to help you. There are many methods to make money from commercial property.

gambia real estate

Image Source : Swami India International Limited

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

The Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is a type of fund you can purchase shares from on the market. In contrast to private real estate developments REITs are trade as stocks.

As with REITs, REITs are also liquid, as long as you’re not afraid of losing money if you need to withdraw it quickly.

There is no need to worry about the management of your property or other day-to-day concerns associate relate to REIT investing, however, you should be concern about the management in any REIT and the way in which the money they invest is.

Similar to other invest in Gambia options, you should ensure that their debt is not too high and that they have an adequate amount of equity to access in the event of a downturn in the market and also that they have a long-term view of their property.

REITs are transparent and must disclose many details regarding their earnings and expenses. They are a fantastic option for new real estate investors to include a bit of risk in their real estate portfolio.

The risks associated with REITs are exactly the same as any other type of stock: the company may fail or you may lose a significant amount of funds due to another’s poor management. 

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