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5 Tips For Designing Your Custom Logo Mats

by theworldcrawler

Purchasing personalised floor mats with your company’s logo? Make sure you choose the proper mat design to get the most out of your investment! Coming up, we have some useful advice for creating your logo mats.

Custom Logo Floor Mats: Design Guidelines

Never make your logo mat design too difficult. And bearing in mind these three fundamental objectives is the key to getting the appropriate appearance for your logo mat design:

It must be clearly apparent. Make sure the picture is large, clear, and clean enough to be apparent because mat visibility depends on more than just placement.

– It must convey the “correct” message. Your custom logo floor mat design should convey a statement that is consistent with your business.

– It must be attractive. It must have a pleasing aesthetic appearance, with the proper selection of colours, fonts, graphics, and print quality.

The following advice will help you create the ideal mat design:

1. Consistency is key.

When developing your own logo floor mats, consistency is essential, just as with any branding and marketing initiative. Keep the same logo, colour palette, and other design components to emphasise your brand’s current image on interiors, letterheads, and building signs. Your logo mat shouldn’t stand out too much from the rest of your brand’s aesthetics.

2. Keep it clutter-free.

Don’t make a “busy” mat design. Too much clutter diverts the viewer’s attention and works against your intention to provide your brand with the strongest potential visual impression. However, this does not imply that you should maintain the status quo. Finding one picture to concentrate on, such as a welcome message, your business name, or your logo, is one trick to getting a clutter-free logo mat design. The secondary design should just enhance the first one.

3. Find the best orientation.

The design you are looking for and the area allotted for the logo mat will primarily determine whether you print horizontally (landscape orientation) or vertically (portrait orientation). Wide entryways nearly usually benefit from logo mats that are printed horizontally, while hallways may benefit more from mats that are printed portraits. 

4. Contrasting colours catch attention.

Pick a complementary colour scheme when designing your logo mats. Colours of the same family tend to wash each other out while colours that are too sharp will clash and look cluttered.  

5. Look for quality.

Making a decent design for your logo mats is not sufficient. The final result is determined by the calibre of the mat and the quality of the printing. Choose the finest logo mat rental business to get the most out of our design and to have the best of both worlds.

Quality Custom Logo Floor Mats and Quality Prints from Carpet Rentals

Get the greatest personalised logo floor mats from Carpet Rentals, the Carolinas’ top business floor mat provider! Our excellent, NFSI-compliant goods are paired with cutting-edge printing technology. Additionally, we have professionals available to guarantee that you receive high-quality designs to support you in presenting the finest image for your company.

Our company has a great variety of mats available on the Website. Visit our website for more details.


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