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CHOOSING ALL ON FOUR IMPLANTS FOR YOUR TEETH REPLACEMENT. Many people looking for a reliable alternative to replace their teeth should consider implants. Implants are a great way to ensure that the missing tooth does not eventually lead to bone loss. One type of dental implant that has been gaining popularity in recent times includes The All On Four implant.

Many who have received implants claim they’ve transformed their lives for the better.

What exactly is it about All On Four implants that make them a perfect option for so many? To find out Let’s take a thorough look at these unique implants and learn what makes them different from other dental replacement options.

It helps prevent Bone Loss

If there are several teeth that require replacing, the majority of patients aren’t sure to use dentures or dental implants. Dentures are artificial teeth are placed over the gum line. With no tooth on the jawline, the bone begins to become more brittle and then weakens.

Implants however dental implants are placed in the jawline, resembling the naturally-occurring tooth and reducing the chance of losing bone by protecting the jaw’s structure.

How They Function

The name implies that On Four implants are all the same. On Four implants allow users to enjoy a full array of fake teeth only using four implants. The back implants are generally placed at an angle, and the longer posts are placed on the forward part of your mouth.

After that, a full collection of fake teeth is placed on the implants, giving your smile a natural appearance. Implantation procedures can generally be completed in just a couple of hours, and you’ll be able to leave the clinic with a new set of teeth the same day of your procedure.

Fewer implants and faster Healing Time

The nature of this procedure which is based on four implants means that, in the majority of instances, bone grafting is not necessary for this procedure. The healing process is typically much quicker than it would be for a patient replacing multiple teeth in one go.

What are the procedures to be Observed?

To get similar results from the traditional implant for your teeth, you could need more than 8 implants implanted into your jaw.

If you’ve already suffered from bone loss due to missing teeth, as mentioned previously it could mean you’ll need a bone graft prior to the implant being installed. A full arch made with traditional implants may require multiple procedures and appointments.

But, with the All On One implants. The process typically includes the preliminary consultation which includes X-rays, impressions as well as measurements, are made. After that, you’ll be scheduled for your procedure when any teeth that need to be extracted are removed and the implants are placed when you are being put under general anesthesia.

There will be a number of follow-up appointments to make sure that your implants fit properly. After 6 months, your brand-new implants will be fully healed and you will be able to enjoy the new smile you have.

Are dentures the only Option for Patients with low bone density?

For many years it has been said to people. That if they had excessive bone loss in their jaw, they’re not ideal implant candidates.Thanks to this latest technology, patients who require all of their teeth replaced. Can have it done without having to accept dentures that might happen to fall out.

If you believe you could be able to benefit. For a complete arch replacement or to have questions regarding. The All On Four implants, then get in touch with us now. We’d be delighted to discuss your concerns and assist you. Finding the most effective solution for any dental issue you’re facing.

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