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Arabic to English Legal Translation Challenges

by Annitta

Legal translations are challenging because some legal principles are difficult to translate into the target language. Legal translation in Dubai is a complicated subject, in actuality. It calls for a qualified and experienced translator who can accurately and exactly translate the text into the target language. A legal translator must be extremely knowledgeable about both of the relevant legal systems. We shall talk about some of the difficulties in translating legal texts from English into Arabic in this blog.

Arabic to English legal translation difficulties

Since there is no space for error in the legal arena, legal translators must take extra care while translating legal texts. The following are the principal difficulties that Arabic to English legal translators encounter:

Legal Systems 

Legal materials can be difficult to translate because of the differences between the legal systems of English-speaking and Arabic-speaking nations. English law is founded on common law, whereas Arabic law is an example of civil law. This is the main distinction between the two legal systems. Each legal system is also developed within a certain social and political context that is tied to the language, practices, and customs of a specific community. As a result, this structure varies from nation to nation. Legal text translation is much more challenging as a result. Therefore, the legal translator needs to be well-versed in both the English and Arabic legal systems. You can check out Cost to Attest a Document in Dubai for additional references.

Absence of Equivalence 

Another difficulty for legal translators is the lack of Arabic counterparts for some topics. As with the phrase “probation officer,” which is used in the USA to describe the officer who keeps an eye on someone who has been granted a conditional release from jail. A translator might include a comment to clarify the idea in order to fix this issue. For efficient and accurate legal translation services you can go through Best Attestation services in Dubai.

Culture Differences

The origins of Arabic and English are diverse, as are the influences they reflect. The culture of a nation affects the legal system’s structure as well as the language used in legal texts. Legal translation must therefore take cultural factors and disparities in legal systems into account. To accurately translate legal materials, translators of legal texts must be familiar with the culture of the target language.

Legal Terminology

It’s crucial in legal translation to translate the destination language’s meaning exactly from the source language. Due to social, cultural, and historical distinctions that affect the legal systems, the translator might not discover an exact terminological counterpart in the two languages. In order to offer an accurate and consistent translation, legal translators must comprehend the precise definitions of legal terms in both languages as well as investigate the legal notion of a term in the source language when the comparable term in the target language is unclear.


Any translator working on a legal translation faces a huge task because of the various disparities between English and Arabic history, tradition, and legal systems. Therefore, in order to get around the challenges of translating legal texts from English into Arabic and produce a high-quality translation, a professional translator needs to be aware of these discrepancies. The Translators should be aware that they must overcome these obstacles in order to advance. You can visit Degree certificate Attestation in Dubai for enquiries.

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