Why is Kedarkantha the favourite trek?


by reshal.banbanjara

An Overview

It’s easy to live in the mountains like Kedarkantha. It’s an homage. It takes us back down to the essentials of life where survival, food, shelter and shelter are the most important considerations. It serves to remind me how lucky I am to live and how beautiful the world is.


Every Himalayan trek has a soul. I love to see them in person. Higher you climb, the closer you get to the heartbeats of the mountains. Each trek is different, but you will have your favorites. Kedarkantha is one of my favorites.


These are just a few reasons why Kedarkantha has become my favorite winter trek:


  1. It is an expedition-like setting.

Kedarkantha, a trekking peak, requires the same expeditionary discipline as Mount Everest. 

As the sun shines, the entire world is lit up. The curtains of a theatre are also open.

You are the star of the grand adventure and deserve to experience all the mountain has to offer.


  1. 2. 360-degree Himalayan panoramas:


Unbeatable views can be enjoyed from Kedarkantha’s summit. You can see the famous peaks of Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini, Kalanag and Gangotri. But you also have hundreds of virgin peaks around you. Mountains are everywhere you look. They stand out like timeless art and leave people in awe. This is a completely different world.

Untouched. Untainted. Und immer.


  1. These are the most stunning campsites


Camping sites are your home during trekking so they are essential. It’s like a little treat after a hard day of hiking. The campsites at Kedarkantha are some of the most stunning I have ever seen. You don’t have to see the Kedarkantha view from your home window. Come and experience it from your Kedarkantha tents.

The first campsite you will find will be close to Juda Ka Tal. It will show you how a little change of attitude can make a big difference in your life. We didn’t know what was in store for us at the next campsite.


  1. The perfect photo trail is:


To see the wonders of the world, you just need to be at the right moment and right place. Kedarkantha offers photographers the opportunity to capture stunning images that will last for a lifetime. Each frame is like a postcard. The snow falling from the pines looks magical, and the magnificent Himalayas are stunning. This entire trip is an ideal location for photographers.


  1. Sankri offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and hospitality of Sankri.


I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about Indian folklore and village traditions. All things are fascinating, including traditions, rituals and festivals, as well as food.

Like the trek, Sankri is rich and unspoiled. The trek is rich in traditions and unspoiled by modern cities. We stayed in a homestay before and after the trek. The family that hosted us was very gracious. They showed us traditional jewellery and clothing worn at Sankri weddings, festivals, and how they cook with the same farms.


  1. One of the best novice treks


The trek can be completed by anyone who is fit enough.  As you reach the summit, it is difficult. Massive mountains will always accompany you.


  1. A lot of snow, lots and lots of fun


For those who love snow, the Kedarkantha Trek package is ideal. You can relive your childhood by playing in the snow. Kedarkantha is usually covered in snow at the right time of the year. Entertainment and adventure are both included. It’s a thrilling combination of excitement, thrills, and breathtaking beauty.


  1. Juda ka Talab


Apart from the climb up to Kedarnath the highlight of the trek is Juda ka Talab, which is located at 9000ft. This underwater wonder is surrounded by pine trees. The lake is made more stunning by snowfall and lower temperatures. It freezes completely and turns into a very cold place. It is possible to walk on it or stand in its middle. 


Many Hindu myths are associated with this lake. One says there are two lakes, one above and one below the ground. These two lakes were connected in some way and the name Juda is “connecting.”


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