Why Do You Need to Know About Functional Medicine in California?

by RandyHodgson

Are you scared of surgery and its side effects? Are you tired of medicinal intake? If yes, functional medicine is exactly what you need. Now you don’t have to worry about infections and side effects of surgeries and medicines.


These are also referred to as “root cause” medicine. Also, these medicines are sometimes called Holistic or natural medicines. Functional medicine approaches to treat the main cause of disease. It is health-oriented. Awareness about functional medicine in California  has increased in the past few years.

Unlike traditional medicine, there are numerous benefits and fewer side effects of this medicine. Root cause medicine saves your money, as surgeries are considered one of the most expensive modes of treating a disease 

Functional Medicine VS Integrative Medicine: 

There is a very thin line between integrated medicine and root cause medicine. The following differences will help you in distinguishing between root-cause medicine and integrative medicine:

  • If you are facing a chronic disease this medicine is the most effective way to treat it. However, If you are facing an acute disease integrative medicine might work for you.
  • It is Health-Oriented while Integrative medicine is Disease-Oriented. 
  • In Holistic medicine, there is always a variation in treating diseases. Where Integrative medicine works the same way for all conditions.
  • If we talk about natural medicine, it is cost-effective and has long-term effects. But if you are going for integrative medicine, it will cost too much as this is an expensive medium of treatment for any disease.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Functional Medicine in California:

There are various beneficial features of natural medicines such as cost-effectiveness and many others. Just like any other mode of treatment, this practice has drawbacks too. For example, as these medicines are not so common these days it will be difficult to approach it.


  •  Fewer Side effects:

These medicines are full of beneficial aspects so if you are looking to go for it, don’t hold yourself. If we compare traditional medicine with root cause medicine, you will probably choose functional medicine.

  • Economically beneficial:

As surgery is the most expensive way of treating diseases. These medicines are getting very popular due to its cost-effective feature. You don’t have to bare expensive surgeries and travel to visit the best surgeon in the country. 

  • Virtual practice benefits:

Its virtual practice might be very effective for you as you can call to go through it even today. Even if you are living in a town where you find no physician who knows about this practice, its virtual practice will be very significant.

  • Impact on Lifestyle:

If you follow the recommendations which your physician has made after diagnosing you, your life would eventually change. You will eat your vegetables, eat healthier food and avoid junk food. Also, some physicians advise increasing your vitamin intake which is also beneficial for health.


You may conclude that if functional medicine is so beneficial why surgical means are still considered the most effective way of treating diseases. There are numerous drawbacks of functional medicines which are written in the following:

  • Not so common:

As many doctors and paramedical staff are not familiar with these medicines, you may find it difficult to find a physician who knows about this practice. Many universities are not educating their students about these medicines. This is one of the main reasons, why most physicians are unaware of it.

  • Specific for chronic conditions:

These medicines are essential for the treatment of chronic diseases but they are not beneficial for the treatment of acute diseases. So if you are facing any acute disease they will not work for you.

  • Beneficial for particular patients:

Some patients are not confident enough to change their lifestyles. They are not mature enough to leave their comfort zone. If you are with low self-esteem and confidence you are not going to be affected by them. Functional medicine in California is not affecting a lot of patients because they are not likely to change their lifestyles.

  • Not for all:

This practice usually does not work for many patients. As some patients are not able to change their lifestyles and are facing critical disorders, for them functional medicine is useless. You should go for traditional medicine if you are not recovering. 


In the end, if you are scared or afraid of surgeries that directly lead to infections or medicines having side effects, you should go for natural medicine today. Now functional medicine in California has changed the lives of thousands of patients in the past few years. As these medicines are with the least side effects and are cost-effective also, it is becoming very popular globally.

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