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Why Do Men Avoid Seeing Sexologists?

by drarorasclinic

Why Do Men Avoid Seeing Sexologists? Let’s know about it in detail.
Men value sexual prowess more than anything else and seek validation and confidence from sexual relationships. From the teenage years, having a fulfilling sexual life is their dream.

Curiosity is part of every teenager, and bragging’s the routine. It might, however, affect the understanding of physical intimacy. Some men learn as they age, but some cannot let go of their beliefs.

One of the most prominent is the size of the penis. The size misconception does no good. It creates a sense of inadequacy, and one starts to believe too much in the fantasy world. It lowers self-esteem, and the man starts thinking he cannot enjoy sexual intercourse and would not be able to please his partner. The man avoids getting into relationships on the whole.

Sexologists in Chandigarh can look into the problem and provide a solution. Other men may face problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, delayed ejaculation, painful sex, and so on.

Erectile dysfunction may happen due to psychological issues like depression, guilt, anxiety, etc. Any mental illness can present in the form of sexual dysfunction. It is okay to be unable to have a firm erection every time you have sex, and it is normal and could happen for various reasons. It requires attention if it becomes a pattern and keeps happening for weeks or months at a stretch.

Men should not neglect erectile dysfunction as it can indicate an underlying health condition. Erections work with the contribution of the vascular and nervous systems, and any irregularity in blood supply or nervous signals can lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is multilayered and can only be diagnosed by the best sexologists in Delhi.

Premature ejaculation can happen to someone from the first time they initiate a sexual activity or even after a span of normal ejaculation. The reasons can be psychological or physical, and stress, anxiety, and depression can affect sexual performance. Other medicines, diseases, and hormonal imbalances can also cause premature ejaculation.

Why Do Men Avoid Sexologists?

The thought process behind this is deep-rooted. Men believe they have to excel in bed and are not good enough if they fail to have a sexual relationship.

It puts a lot of pressure on men. It hits hard when they fail to stand true to the set standard. They fail to contemplate what happened, and the reaction is old simple escapism.

Silent suffering begins, and they avoid talking or having sexual intimacy. Men close the channels of communication. The guilt, shame, and feeling of being judged haunt them every moment. The thought of anyone knowing about their weakness is their biggest fear. The sorrow overtakes the tide of emotions, and helplessness is at its peak.

Even going to a sexologist is equivalent to coming out in public for them. What if someone sees or listens to the woes? The fear is limitless, and their pride is at stake.

They avoid taking help because they do not want anyone to know. But is it the right way to handle it?

Let’s understand the complexity.

Even if you are not telling a single soul, you are suffering. How is it going to benefit you?

You are unable to gratify yourself or your partner. You feel weak and incomplete. The incompetence is killing you every day, and the focus is shifting.

You have poor concentration, become an introvert, and are constantly under stress. The distressed relationship makes things even more complicated, sabotaging your growth and personality.

Avoiding a sexologist due to shame and guilt will make things difficult for you, and you are just delaying the treatment that has the potential to get your life back on track.

Unlike the common belief, a sexologist will not judge or mock you. Consult the best sexologist in Delhi NCR to end the vicious cycle. Have the courage to accept it and move on to the next phase.

You have to take charge of your life. You deserve a life and should work towards attaining it. Speak about the problem with your partner. Win the trust and confidence and accept the issue. It will help the other person support you in turn.

With the emotional support sorted, consult a sexologist in Chandigarh to change the game.

How Can a Sexologist Help You?

A sexologist will study all the physical and psychological attributes and discover the reason behind your sex problem.

Sexual issues are multilayered and complicated; it typically needs immense knowledge and experience to pinpoint the exact cause. It could be a health condition, present situation, obesity, sexual abuse, etc. The reasons could be bizarre, and it is how sexual dysfunctions make us believe things are under control.

Only the best sexologist in Delhi can unveil the exact cause after thorough physical and mental check-ups. Most doctors specialize in a single aspect; only a top sexologist can understand how every element affects sexual performance. Sexual dysfunctions can affect relationships and your mental health, and timely diagnosis and treatment can save you from the crisis.

The sexologist provides a multidisciplinary approach to treating sexual dysfunctions. The treatment includes medicines, hormone supplements, injections, pumps, and surgeries, to name a few. The sexologist studies the response to each treatment and does what suits you best.

Dr. Arora Men’s Wellness clinic has the best sexologists in Delhi NCR. The doctors are super specialists and provide a holistic approach. The team is well-experienced and adept at treating all kinds of sexual dysfunctions. Having treated over 1.5 lac patients with sexual dysfunction, rest assured you are in safe hands. The clinics offer the best treatment with the latest technologies and equipment.

Ending up with a quack can break your confidence further. Beware of false advertisements and trust only a well-experienced sexologist.

A good sexologist will provide comfort and will make you feel you are in a safe space. Dr. Arora Men’s Wellness Clinic will ensure privacy and confidentiality as it is a priority.

Bottom Line

Men relate their strength to sexual performance. Undeniably, sex is the foundation of every relationship. But giving it importance to an extent you feel powerless is unacceptable. Sexual dysfunctions can happen with no fault of yours. Speak about the trouble in paradise, and you might help others on the way.

More men suffer from sexual dysfunction than you know. Someone might be suffering from it for a long time, and you can be their ray of hope.

Accepting the weakness is okay and getting help is the best way to go about it. Rather than embracing endless gloom, make your life better.

Overcome the fear and embarrassment and consult the sexologist in Chandigarh now. Dr. Arora Men’s Wellness Clinic has the best sexologists to help you through your journey. Book an appointment now.

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