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Why And How To Manage Your Online Reputation

by milan

Online, we all have a reputation and so do businesses. As a customer or consumer, we all consider the internet as our first source of information. We trust the information we find there and we make decisions based on that information. The observation is the same for companies, a negative e-reputation can seriously affect business results. You can get in touch with Best ORM Agency in Washington.

But do we have the possibility to influence, to manage our e-reputation? There are many tools and strategies to implement in order to control and optimize your e-reputation. The objective is of course not to build a false image out of step with reality, but to avoid bad buzz and ensure that your online image is aligned with the overall image of your brand.

Why you absolutely must monitor and optimize your e-reputation

What is e-reputation?

E-reputation is the reputation of a company, a person, a product, a service or any other element on the internet and the various digital platforms. This online reputation is influenced by the content an organization distributes, web user reactions and interactions, social media activity, and more. For brands, online reputation is very important as it can affect their online credibility and visibility.

We live in an increasingly connected world, which means there are more and more ways to leave a mark online, positive or negative. Not having an online presence is not an option for companies that need this visibility.

It is therefore imperative to control your image online, but what are the challenges you will face?

Why do you want to influence him?

#1 Your e-reputation remains in time

Negative opinions about you and your publications on the various digital platforms must be constantly monitored because they are then very difficult to remove from the web. This can therefore seriously disadvantage you in the long run. It’s important to monitor what people are saying about you online and then take steps to correct any inaccuracies.

For the same reasons, you should also monitor the things you post yourself. With social media, even posts made years ago can harm you again.

#2 Online reviews

Online review sites are visited by millions of people around the world, and they take the product opinions shared there more seriously than promotions and advertisements, so much so that many between them make buying decisions based on the reviews they read there.

The problem with these platforms lies in the accuracy of the opinions left. Your customers sometimes encounter minor inconveniences that hamper their experience and leave a disproportionately negative message. There are also people who take advantage of anonymity to deliberately harm you or benefit a competitor.

Consider negative reviews pointing out flaws in your product as unbiased customer feedback. Do not denigrate these claims, nor do you try to silence them. Instead, try to bring balance by highlighting positive experiences related to your product, without covering up its flaws.

#3 Social networks

They are above all networks of consumers. These channels have users from all demographic and interest groups, who may be consumers or non-consumers.

When a brand is reported by users on these networks, it creates more negative publicity for the brand. If a user can back up the claim of a cloudy product experience with evidence, the negative publicity can escalate, or even worse, it can extrapolate it as some users can step in and share their experiences (real or not, we never know).

To reduce the impact of negative comments on social media, use visual aids and respond positively or with humor to inappropriate comments that don’t seem serious. Many customers use social networks to get in touch with your brand. Be responsive and take advantage of this opportunity to create a stronger bond with your customers.

#4 Industry reputation

A brand may have to take responsibility for another brand’s mistake. Public trust is a very important concept for businesses. Due to the wrongdoing or mismanagement of one company, other companies in the same sector may suffer the repercussions in terms of image and trust.

That’s why it’s important for brands to work to uphold the reputation of the industry the same way they maintain their own reputation. If your competitors have an image that is too negative, it is very important to dissociate yourself from it. It can also be an opportunity to show your disagreement with the practices in question.


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