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Which Is The Best Website For Buy Kundali Online?

Buy Kundali Online


 Kundali Online – Astrology  is the science that connects us to the universe. It is the science developed by the sages in Ancient India and later in other parts of the world. The most learned, intuitive and spiritual beings could access this knowledge. Astrology is a beautiful example of how everything in the universe is connected. You are a soul, you are deeply connected with what happens in the Universe. All life on Earth, all the major events can be predicted by studying the movements of the 9 Planets.

How Does Astrology Work ?

It was discovered by the sages that the movement of the 9 Grahas – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu or the North Node and Ketu or the South Node have massive impacts on life on Earth. This is the main basis for Jyotish – the Astrology developed in India. These Grahas orbit around the Sun. While doing so they move through groups of constellations called Zodiac signs. Each planet in a particular zodiac signs has particular effects on the life on Earth. It would not be surprising to know that the movement of the Earth too has impacts on the 9 Grahas just as they have impact on the Earth. 

The Earth rotates in front of the Sun, and we feel as if the Sun revolves around the Earth. The astrological result of this is that the Sun covers all zodiac signs in a single day for the Earth. But even the Sun too travels through each Zodiac Sign for 30 days. This is the base for Western Astrology.

What is a Kundali ?

A Kundali or the birth chart is a snapshot of the position of planets when you were born. In Jyotish the concept of Muhurat is very important. The concept of starting a certain project, conducting a marriage or even conceiving a child in the time which is astrologically fit for that event. This is found by calculating the position of the planets. There are presets given to us by the sages about which work should be done or avoided in different astrological situations. Hence, the time of birth combined with the place of birth gives us a solid map of your life. 

Houses in The Kundali

The Kundali is in the form of a grid . Diamond, square and a few other styles of grids practised in different parts of India. In this grid are the various signs and planets in the signs at your time of birth. Each division of the grid is called a House. There are a total of 12 Houses. Each House represents different areas of life. The position of a Graha in an a House has particular impacts on the person’s life. 

How is a Kundali Studied

The relations between different planets in a kundalini are studied. These include planets positioned in the same house and  planets opposite to each other. There are several more combinations and methods which go deeper. 

The Mahadasha System 

A living being goes through certain time periods called Dasha which is ruled by a certain Graha. The Dasha is determined again by the time of birth. There are presets about the results of Dashas of different Grahas. Studying the birth chart closely gives us immense information to make accurate predictions.

The Role of Nakshatras

There are 12 Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign is divided into nearly 2.5 parts called Nakshatras. There are 27 Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra is associated with a certain God, Grah and Tattva. Further each Nakshtra has 4 sub parts called Pada. So each Grah at any point in time including your time of birth is in a  particular pada of a particular Nakshatra. 

So you can imagine the depth to which Astrology can go. The deeper we go, the more accurate the predictions, the greater the expertise is needed. 

The Best Website to Purchase Online Kundali gives you a complete and comprehensive analysis of the birth chart. Purchasing an online kundali is often looked with doubt. At we make sure that you receive an easy to read and complete guide to your life report. 

What does The Report Include ?

There is a detailed analysis of your kundali. Carry this kundali for life and refer to it time to time to plan your future better. The report includes your full kundali. It includes your Navamsha kundali which is about your marriage and your life’s journey. 

The dashas are completely explored in the report. The timings of the dashas as well as the sub parts ruled by other grahas are mentioned. The predictions made on these give accurate results. There is a complete analysis of the various Houses in your kundali. 

How Can I Use The Online Janam Kundali ?

The online Janam kundali allows you to know the journey of your life. 

Several factors like Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh and Sade Sati are discussed upon. These are some classic astrological situations checked in a chart to examine the difficulties one would have to endure in this birth. Remedies for the same are also recommended which will decrease the harsh effects. The remedies will also make you to move forward despite of obstacles. 

Use all the  information from the online Jana kundali to plan your life better.

How Can I Use Astrology Daily In My Life

There are several remedies mentioned in the online kundali which will help you to improve your intelligence and gain more peace in your life. Practice the remedies regularly. These remedies include chants, prayers and rituals. The remedies are designed to tap into the enemies of the Universe. Depending on the position of Grahas in your kundali, the remedies are suggested to you. These will help to increase the positive effects of the Graha and decrease the negative effects.

How Will You Benefit From The Online Janam Kundali

Your birth chart report will provide you with all the information you need to be better. God created you. And He will take care of you. Move fearlessly ahead in life. The Janam kundali will provide you with enough information to do so. Walk with your head held high and take pride in who you are. Practice the remedies regularly to improve yourself. Move beyond fear and desires. Be unafraid and win everyday. Be the one who makes this world a better place. Gather so much wisdom and wealth, that you could help anyone you want to. For such a person, the world come to help.

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