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WhatsApp alternative social media app

Facebook as a alternative of WhatsApp

by emmajeon

Social media WhatsaApp is app . As one of the most popular communication tools, it lacks an entertainment feature so we will discuss alternative social media apps to WhatsApp here.

Social networks have become the ultimate platform for Internet users to join online communities to connect with friends, family members, and other contacts. And on Facebook, you can become a member of a massive social community with over 2.6 billion users worldwide. As a result, it is the world’s largest virtual society, where people can easily connect and interact with any Internet-connected device.

While internet browsers can easily connect to the network, most Android users prefer to use the proprietary Facebook app on their mobile devices instead. Here, you can enjoy all of the social media network’s features while keeping things extra convenient with your mobile devices. You can download this from

What is Facebook as social media App?

Facebook MOD APK is a popular social networking platform for all operating systems. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. First and foremost, he launched an application that would upload their photos. Most people will join the application in the coming years. As a result, the developer team constantly added new features that users requested. Yes, Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks. The majority of people currently use the application.

Everyone in the world has adapted to the internet lifestyle. Almost all people in the country region began to use the network. Many years ago, major marketing firms only used the internet as a working preference. However, most parents now use the internet and have signed up for the application.

A social media and entertainment App

Facebook ensures the user’s privacy. Users must first create an account with the application before using it. You can directly access the application after successfully registering. Fill out your profile information to begin using Facebook on your device. If you completed the profile details, your profile is now ready for all users to see.

However, Facebook MOD APK allows users to share stories, photos, videos, and moments. Share everything to investigate your current mood. In addition, the user can share moments, quotes, texts, and other content to your account. Your account now has access to the uploaded content. You can access my account login at any time and year. Add your story and notify your friends. Your Facebook friends can view the stories to stay updated on your latest posts.

Share stories on facebook

Feature of Facebook

Furthermore, very close friends and followers have been permitted to comment on the feedback via the comment section. Like, comment and share buttons have been assigned to each uploaded post. Friends and followers can use these buttons. Users on your friend lists can like your posted content with six emojis by clicking the like button. Every comment has been instantly updated on posts.

Entertainment App

Facebook assists you in running your home-based business. Rename your page to reflect the new brand name. Add any additional page details before selecting a template for your page. However, There are up to ten or more templates available for various businesses. For example, select the sales template if you sell dresses and costumes. So, choose an appropriate template and rate the products. Never set up shop in a neighbourhood, market, or anywhere else. Create a page to launch your own company. Furthermore, Invest some extra money to promote your company and reach many people.Begin boosting the post on specific days to reach more people.

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