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What To Do When Your SEO Isn’t Working?

by Rio Sharma

Any company’s worst fear: opening Google and doing a search for their most lucrative terms. Your screen will quickly fill with results, but sadly. In other words, Google isn’t indexing your site. You may be scratching your head and wondering, “Why isn’t my website showing up on Google?” There are solutions, and we have them.

Moreover, we’ll show you the way to solve it so you can improve your internet visibility and earnings. Here are some suggestions to improve your rankings. Using our no-cost SEO tool, you can audit and analyze your website to discover any flaws.

Google’s Website Ranking Methodology

Learn about the Google Search algorithm, how Google indexes or ranks websites, or the elements that the Googlebot Persona considers when deciding whether websites should be demoted in the search results or eliminated.

Most websites don’t rank because they need more credibility, authority, or relevance than other sites covering the same ground. Remember that your website might be experiencing issues with more than one of these elements, as they exist in collaboration. You should review this list of potential reasons why the SEO needs to be fixed and may have failed before taking dramatic actions or applying unsafe and desperate SEO techniques.

Preconceived Notions Of What Can Be Accomplished

We need to slow down if SEO is our last resort in saving a company or if we want it to be the silver bullet that will bring us all engagement and sales objectives. SEO may be planned, predicted, and benchmarked like media channels or other online marketing disciplines.  SEO potential may be estimated by gathering information about the industry, researching the competition, and analyzing audience (keyword) data.

Your Seo Method No Longer Works

It’s possible that you saw a lot of success with little work from your web marketing efforts, depending on when you began developing your approach. There may be other exceptions. The SEO industry has seen tremendous development since its inception. Working with an SEO consultant stuck in the past might seriously hamper your company’s online progress. (Or even worse, being penalized and having Google de-rank your results.)

There is no more excellent value than relevance. Google often makes adjustments to its procedures throughout the year. Depending on the keywords and phrases you employ, the rankings of your content may change as search engines update their algorithms to provide better results. SEO experts still have to put in the daily effort to maintain their rankings—the learning curve to adapt to new circumstances and identify what works & what doesn’t is steep.

Over-Optimized Content

On the opposite side of the material that is not optimized is that it is over. Despite Google’s assurances, there is a threshold beyond which repeating a term has a detrimental impact on both search engine results, the quality of the user experience, and the content’s readability.

Thinking Tactically So Rather Than Strategically

Some SEO strategies have been around for a while and are still relevant today. However, it has also prompted excessive weight being put on them. It’s risky to experiment with different strategies. Thinking strategically is essential. When search engine optimization (SEO) fails, it’s typically because it was launched with no clear goals or objectives, using just a checklist or collection of strategies. Research, goal-setting, methodological planning, impact measurement, and built-in mechanisms for flexibility are all components of a successful system.

Flaws In Search Engine Result Pages

Many search targets are always on the go. Google has been conducting one massive experiment on the results pages page since the company’s inception. From this historical vantage point, we can recall and appreciate how the SERPs have evolved in design and content. Each search term may be designed uniquely and lead to the display of a separate set of highlighted articles or “knowledge.” The organic results on a search engine result page are just one component of the whole page.

The volume of search engine results pages (SERPs) and the distribution of organic search results across a set of target keyword words and phrases should be used to calibrate SEO expectations. The traffic potential of a number one search results position is lower if the results are buried deep in the SERP behind advertisements, photos, local listings, or other content rather than being shown towards the top of the page, above the fold.

There are more popular search terms than others. You can go far if you work in a field now, enjoying a lot of attention. However, several niches are so specific that they get almost little traffic and are thus not ranked. If nobody is using such phrases, then your prominence won’t matter.

It is also important to understand your target audience’s search behavior, which may differ from the suggested keywords. Starting with a problem and having no preconceived notion of how to solve it is expected. As a marketer, you must consider more than just the final product. What methods may attract customers’ interest from every possible vantage point? You will only be able to reach your target audience effectively if you take the time to learn about your customers and how they solve issues.

Inaccessible or Blocked Content

This is indicative of how Google discovers and indexes new information on websites, namely via the following links. However, although this is a more infrequent problem, it sometimes occurs. 

UX Problems

UX may frequently make or break the possibility for SEO Wollongong campaigns and initiatives assessed on conversions (not simply awareness or first clicks/engagement).

Ranking well and receiving a steady stream of visitors is a different story. If none of that traffic turns into paying customers, it is something else entirely. You can achieve optimal rankings and alignment if you focus on research, deliberation, and purpose at the bottom of the sales funnel. But SEO will only be effective if the user experience is good and users can find their way to where you need them.


Everyone involved in marketing hopes their efforts will pay off. Even SEO has its limits. It’s crucial to understand why SEO fails due to a single impediment or a confluence of causes and obstacles.

Investing in SEO is vital on several fronts. Realizing where problems may arise and what may cause them to fail may go a long way toward ensuring its success and opening up promising avenues for achieving marketing and commercial objectives.

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