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What is the full name of IAS?

by Shrishti khairwal

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you the information related to the IAS full form, all of you must have heard about IAS many times, but there are many people who do not know much about it IAS Coaching in Dehradun, what is its full name, or what is IAS? If it happens or how it is made, then in this article we are going to give you complete information related to it. Information related to IAS is very useful for all people in recent times and this information is often useful in your life, along with it, those who wish to become an IAS, also need to know about the IAS in full form. You should also be aware of how you can become an IAS officer.


Who is called IAS?

It is also called the Indian Administrative Service and under this, there are many different types of government officer level posts and many different types of officers like District Collector, District Magistrate, and District Administrative Officer, etc. come under this post and if your Sapna also has a dream to get a job on such a post, then you can become an IAS and we will tell you the complete information about it so that you can get all the important information related to becoming an IAS.


Educational Qualification for IAS

If you want to become an IAS, then for this you have to pass graduation or post-graduation from any recognized university, after that, you can apply for the release issued for IAS.

To apply for Indian Administrative Service, your marks or percentage does not matter and if you pass even with a graduation passing mark, then after that you will be able to apply for this post.


Age limit to become IAS

If you want to become an IAS, then the age limit has been kept separately for all the categories and the following types of age limits have been kept in it.

  • The maximum age limit for general category candidates should be 32 years.
  • The maximum age limit for OBC category candidates should be 35 years.
  • For Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, the maximum age limit should be up to 37 years.
  • Apart from this, there is also a provision for age relaxation for reserved category candidates for this post as per the rules and you will get detailed information related to age in its official notification.


How many times can I give IAS exam?

IAS exam attempts are given separately to each class, depending on which class you belong to, and how many times you can give the Indian Administrative Service exam, we are telling you about the exam attempts of all classes, which are as follows.

  • General Category – 6
  • OBC Category – 9
  • ST and SC Category – Unlimited
  • Divyang General and OBC category – 9
  • Disabled ST and SC categories – Unlimited

In this way, you can appear in the IAS exam, if your exam attempts are completed, then after that, you cannot give the IAS exam again in your life, so keep in mind that when your preparation is excellent, then only you can apply for it. Do it.


How to apply for IAS

You can apply for Indian Administrative Service through online mediums and every year its applications are issued by UPSC, whose information you get from online or news or newspaper etc. that when its advertisements are issued and after its advertisements come. You can apply online at this.

To apply for this, you need some necessary documents such as your mark sheet, your passport photo, etc. and for this, the complete information about which documents you need is given in its official notification or with the release of its release.


IAS Selection Process

If you apply for IAS, then you can become an IAS officer by going through 3 different stages and it is as follows.

  • Preliminary examination
  • Main exam



These three stages have to be passed by the candidate and after that, merit is issued and on the basis of the marks obtained in it, any candidate is selected for the post of IAS and after that, the person is sent for the training of an Indian Administrative Service officer. goes.


preliminary examination

When you apply for this, then first you have to give a preliminary exam in which all the candidates take part, it is also called Preliminary Exam, in this, you are asked objective-type questions and there are 2 exams of 200-200 marks. And it is very important to pass this exam to become an IAS.

Sl. No. question paper marks

1 General Studies Paper I 200

2 General Studies Paper II 200


Main exam

This is the biggest challenge for all the candidates and only those people are successful in this, who prepare very well in reality in this, you have 9 different papers and it is necessary for you to pass all the papers and all their marks the question paper are added to your merit, so you do not have to focus only on passing this exam, but you have to focus on topping it, only then you can become an IAS or get a good rank in IAS.


Sl. S. question paper marks

  1. General Studies I 250
  2. General Studies II 250
  3. General Studies III 250
  4. General Studies IV 250
  5. Optional Subject I 250
  6. Optional Subject II 250
  7. Essay Writing 250
  8. English 300
  9. Indian Language 300



When your main exam is cleared, then after that you have to give the interview, in this, you have 45 minutes interview and in this, you have to give an interview in front of a panel, whatever marks you get in this will also be added to your merit. You should try to get the best marks in the interview so that you can get the best rank in this exam.


IAS officer posts

Only the President of India has the power to suspend an IAS officer and an IAS officer is given charge in 24 different areas, we are giving you information about which areas come in it, which is as follows.

  • Indian Administrative Service – (IAS)
  • Indian Police Service – (IPS)
  • Railway Protection Force – (RPF)
  • Pondicherry Police Service – (PPS)
  • Indian Forest Service – (IFoS)
  • Indian Foreign Service – (IFS)
  • Indian Information Service – (IIS)
  • Indian Postal Service – (IPoS)
  • Indian Revenue Service – (IRS)
  • Indian Trade Service – (ITS)
  • Pondicherry Civil Service – (PCS)
  • Indian Corporate Law Service – (ICLS)
  • Indian Defense Estate Service – (IDES)
  • Indian Railway Personal Service – (IRPS)
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service – (IRTS)
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service – (IRAS)
  • Indian Civil Accounts Service – (ICAS)
  • Indian Defense Accounts Service – (IDAS)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service – (IOFS)
  • Indian Communication Finance Service – (ICFS)
  • Indian Audit and Accounts Service – (IAAS)
  • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service – (AFHCS)
  • Delhi, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands Civil Service – (DANICS)
  • Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Damandiv, Dadar Nagar Haveli


Police Service – (DANIPS)

In the following 24 different fields, an Indian Administrative Service officer is given a position and which of the following positions any candidate will get depends on the rank of that candidate.


Post an IAS officer gets

  • Central industrial security force
  • Central Secretariat Service
  • Indian Ordnance Factory Services
  • Indian Post and Telegraph Accounts and Financial Service
  • Indian Police Service
  • Indian Administrative Service
  • Indian Defense Accounts Service
  • Indian Defense Estates Service
  • Indian Revenue Service
  • Indian Railway Personnel Service
  • Indian Railway Traffic Service
  • Indian Railway Accounts Service
  • Indian Forest Service
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Indian Information Service
  • Indian economic service
  • Defense Secretariat Service
  • state police service
  • state administrative service
  • State Forest Service
  • state services
  • railway protection force
  • Union Territory Police Service
  • Union Territory Administrative Service
  • Public Service Department, etc.

IAS officers are appointed to the following different posts and if you become an IAS officer then according to your rank, any of these posts can be given to you and on the following posts, you can serve the country as an IAS officer. Is.


Salary of IAS officer

There are many posts in IAS and different salary is fixed for all the posts the IAS officer who is posted to the post of Cabinet Secretary, salary is higher than all other posts. According to the 7th Pay Commission, an IAS officer gets Rs.56100/- Salary is provided up to Rs. 2 lakh and along with this, many types of allowances like travel allowance and dearness allowance, etc. are given, due to which the salary of an IAS per month becomes more than Rs. 2 lakhs.


How to prepare for IAS

To become an IAS, it is necessary to prepare it in the best way, if you prepare it well then only you can get success in this exam, so you have to work hard day and night, and only then you will get to see the best results in this exam.

1. Study regularly –

To become an IAS, it is very important to study regularly and when you study regularly, then you can study in the best way and you will remember what you have remembered for a long time so that you can crack the exam. Will be able to show better performance and easily get success in the exam.


2. Read NCERT books –

It is very important for you to read NCERT books to become an IAS and in NCERT books you can read books from eighth to eighth grade, these books play a big role in passing the IAS exam and if you have a good hold on your NCERT books, then your chances of success will be equally high.


3. Make a timetable –

It is very important for you to make a timetable to become an IAS and in that, for how long you have to study and for how long you have to make a timetable about all these and on the basis of that you have to study more than this. You will be able to study on time and you will also be able to prepare better for the exam.


4. Understand UPSC –

You can become an IAS only through UPSC and its application exam and selection of an IAS is done by it only it is very important for you to understand the syllabus of UPSC to become an IAS for its better preparation and you See its old papers and find out about the type of question papers in UPSC exam and try to solve them.


5. Study in the right environment –

​​It is very important for you to study in the right environment to become an IAS because the better the environment you study in, the better you can prepare and the morning and evening environment is very good for your studies. And during this time you can go to a clean place or study on the terrace, because of this you will be able to remember any question very easily and quickly.


6. Join Coaching –

You all will know how difficult the UPSC exam is, in such a situation, if you want to succeed in this exam, then you should join the class, where you are taught by experienced teachers so that you can prepare for UPSC in a better way. Prepare and fulfill your dream of becoming an IAS.


7. Read books on all subjects –

Many people make the mistake that they take only one book about all the celebs and studying from it, while they are not able to study properly because you cannot get such big celebs in one book, so you have to read every You have to keep a separate book of the subject and you have to study on the basis of it, by this you will be able to get detailed information about every subject and your grip on every subject will be strong, due to which your chances of getting success in the exam will increase.


8. Study online –

You should also join online classes for the best preparation for IAS, for this you can buy any online course if you want and if you do not have the money to buy the course, then you can prepare it for free through YouTube, etc. It is possible that on YouTube you will get to watch more than one video on each subject for the preparation for IAS.


9. Solve Modal Papers –

For IAS preparation, you should look at IAS model papers and solve them as this gives you a good experience of the IAS exam and you will know what kind of preparation you have. You will see a lot of benefits in giving the IAS exam.


10. See old question papers –

You must also see old question papers to prepare for IAS, it will benefit you a lot and you will know how many questions are asked in the IAS exam and what types of questions are asked. You will be able to prepare for IAS better and you can buy IAS question papers from any book depot or download them from the internet.

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