What is Distillate – How distillate thickener works

Distillate and How it work

by iamrmishra

Distillates are an incredibly important part of using terpenes safely. Sure, you may find other ways to use them, but distillates win by a huge margin. However, knowing how to use a distillate thickener properly for your favorite terpene is necessary.

Why Use a Distillate Thickener?

Organic terpenes are pure in form and hence using them directly or on just their own can be dangerous. You must never attempt to do it. But when it is mixed with a distillate, it can be perfect for vaping and other pursuits. In the last few years, the consumption of such distillates has increased and the good news is that there are many high-quality products available for use.

Basically, when terpenes get produced, the common method of extracting them is used. Terpenes get boiled off while the distillate remains. When you want to use terpenes, you can use this thickener to mix them together to create a blend.

How to Use Distillate Thickener with Your Terpene?

Create a powerful product to use in your vape pen with the information given below:

  • Use a Diluent: When you have a favorite organic terpene you want to use, a diluent can be used to dilute it. When you buy a high-quality one, you will find that the fluidity and thickness are perfect. Mix it with a few drops of the terpene you are using, and you are ready to go to town!
  • Perfect Strength: A distillate thickener is a right choice also because it has the strength to hold terpenes’ flavors and aromas together. Whether it is the Berry Gelato or the Granddaddy Purple terpene you choose, it can be used to make the most of the flavors you expect from a particular strain. It certainly enhances the experience.
  • Spreads Easily: For vape enthusiasts, getting the organic terpenes to spread through the dried flowers and herbs can be difficult. But the distillate allows the terpene to easily spread through the whole of it. Make sure that the dried flowers and herbs are kept in an airtight container for at least 24 hours after using the terpene blend. This will allow all the flavors to get infused and give you the best experience.

Now that you know how distillate thickeners work, it is time to get yourself a good product to make your vaping time more enjoyable.


What does adding terpenes to distillate do?

Manufacturers gain control over flavor and aroma by reintroducing terpenes into a distillate. You’ll also have more say over the experience your distillate creates. Each terpene isolate has distinct effects, and combining terpenes results in even more distinct experiences (euphoria, focus, sedation, etc.).

What is the difference between distillate and extract?

The primary distinction between distillation and extraction is that distillation involves:

  • Heating a liquid mixture.
  • Collecting the liquid’s vapor at its boiling point.
  • Condensing the steam to obtain the pure substance.
  • In contrast, extraction involves using a suitable solvent for separation (like with BHO).

Why do we distillate?

Distillation is a technique for purifying a compound by separating it from a non-volatile or less volatile material. Because different combinations frequently have other boiling points, when a mixture the distilled, the components often separate.

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