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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

by Keyakishore

Digital Marketing is a general term for any means an organization takes to interface with clients through electronic innovation. Digital Marketing advertising advances and offers items or administrations to imminent clients through web-based stages like email, social media, mobile marketing, online customer networks, online courses, and other video-based content.

The digital marketing process includes comparative strategies as customary promoting. Associations can consolidate both conventional and digital marketing methods as a system.

Importance of digital marketing

Digital Marketing assists an association with speaking to a much bigger crowd than it could through customary promoting techniques in light of the fact that the compass of the web is around the world. This marketing technique likewise empowers associations to target forthcoming clients who are probably going to purchase their item or administration. For instance, a business can promote occasion deals by messaging past clients or by sharing fresh insight about the arrangements via web-based entertainment.

Organizations have various different web-based techniques they can use to contact clients, including through messages, virtual entertainment, message, standard commercials, or partners.

Social media gives a typical way to people to cooperate and speak with associations. Similarly, advertisers can gather experiences from their interest group during these stages and increment client commitment by speaking with them. It is possible to move from electronic showcasing techniques to another based on a case-by-case basis. It is possible to change the platform and organization of correspondence if the ideal interest group changes stages, for instance.

Digital marketing has become more mind-boggling in light of the different new correspondence channels that have arisen, yet in addition as far as the examination is expected to get a handle on clients, possibilities, and their inclinations. Associations utilize different instruments to grasp the way of behaving and inclinations of clients, prospects and leads. From virtual entertainment paying attention to the prescient investigation and large information examination, associations enroll various assets to figure out client reactions to their computerized showcasing endeavors.

Types of Digital Marketing – 


The first and foremost face of digital marketing is SEO. Whenever you search for something on Google,  you get many results in the form of websites, Google places or it can be some social media platform, etc.,  Let’s take an example of a website. Whenever a website appears in the search result, it is basic human nature that you always visit or click on the website which is shown on the first number of your search result list. So the concept of SEO originated from the same. It is basically a process to get your website to the first position so that your business may receive most of the attention, visitor traffic and a good conversion rate by taking your user to your web platform.


PPC stands for pay-per-click. This means you pay Google proportionate to the clicks you get to your website through the advertisement campaign.  Search engine marketing is also one of the parts of PPC. You can learn more about PPC in a comprehensive manner by enrolling in our Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh. 


SMM stands for social media marketing. Social media marketing refers to marketing for your business’s products or services through social media and selling them through social media as well.  Many brands’ websites and eCommerce platforms do marketing of their business through social media and get their services purchased through social media.

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