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What is a Hair Closure and its Benefits

About hair closure and benefits

by Especially Yours

Hair closure, or as they are commonly called ‘hair weaves, is a great option for women looking to add long length to their hairstyles. If you’ve never considered using a hair weave, you may be surprised at the number of benefits that it can have for you. Here is some information put together in a blog to discuss what hair closures are and how hair closures can add value to your clients.

What is a Hair Closure?

Closures are hair pieces typically created from lace or silk, but lace is the most popular material. To protect your hair and enhance its appearance, the hairpiece is fastened to a cornrow base and secured all the way around.

Health Benefits of Hair Closures

Closures have a wealth of benefits for your hair’s health and look. Many women chemically relax their hair or apply a lot of heat to it to make their “leave out” blend in better with their weave. But this can cause your hair to become considerably more fragile, finer, and shorter than the rest. To prevent this, you can ensure that all of your hair is covered with a closure.

How Hair Closures can Improve your Hair’s Appearance

Closed hair can solve the issue of merging your hair’s color and texture with your weave and offering your hair several health benefits. Closures address the issue by preventing the need for heating or hair dyeing to match your weave. Instead of worrying about that, try experimenting with dyeing your weave in any colors available. You would only be dying your weave and closure, not any of your actual hair, making the process much safer. Therefore, employing a closure is a smart hair investment because it enables you to experiment with various styles and colors while causing far less harm to your hair.

Lace vs. Silk Closures

You can select a hair closure made of lace or silk. Both varieties have supporters, though lace is the most prevalent option. Since lace closures are significantly thinner than silk closures, they rest flatter on your head, obviating the need for a clear “line of demarcation” between your scalp and the closure. However, most lace bases need to be bleached to match your scalp’s color. Since silk closures don’t need to be bleached, some individuals prefer them over lace ones because few businesses will take care of this process for you. Furthermore, silk closures are much more like your hair in appearance and look a lot more natural, but because they aren’t as thin, they won’t lay flat on your head and may not look good unless they are correctly sealed in the front. The primary drawback of silk closures is their astronomical price premium over lace closures.

Sealing Down Your Closure

You can secure your closure using various techniques, while some are more damaging to your hair than others. The most popular techniques are sewing, tape, adhesive, and hair bands. If you’re not careful, gluing is one of the most damaging techniques; it can pull off your edges or even result in a bald spot. There are techniques to make gluing safer, such as applying a protective solution to the area of your head where you’ll glue the closure, but in general, it’s best to avoid glue because it can lead to many issues. Although much less durable than glue, taping is a much safer way to seal.

In most cases, taping is not the best technique if you want to ensure that your closure will stay in place. To use a hair band, just cut a headband to the right size, sew it to the opposite sides of the closure, lay the closure flat, and tie the headband around your head. However, if you employ this technique, you should use extreme caution because tying the headband excessively tightly by accident can cause headaches. If none of these approaches sound good to you, another excellent option without many drawbacks is to sew the closure down.

Wearing a Closure

Don’t worry if you want to install your closure; it’s not as difficult as it may seem to do so. However, to do it yourself, you must be able to sew on the weave. YouTube lessons are a fantastic (free) resource to teach yourself how to install closures perfectly if you’ve never done it before or if your previous attempts didn’t turn out well. It’s a good idea to speak with a qualified beautician or even have them install it if you’re unsure or have any questions.

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