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What Is A Coir mats? Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Coir Mats

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Most people prioritise the rug’s design when buying doormats. Naturally, if you’re going to put the mat on your front entrance, you want it to fit the inside decor of your house.

However, you shouldn’t base your decision just on it. It’s crucial to take the mat’s durability into account. You need a mat that can tolerate heavy foot activity and endure several items of washing without losing its shape or colour. Your mat will last you a long time and provide you with your money’s worth if you do it this way.

Coir mats are one of the matting materials with a reputation for longevity. Since they are constructed of natural and biodegradable materials, coir doormats are a favourite among environmentally conscious homes.

What Is A Coir Doormat?

Coir mats have a light brown to golden-yellow colour because it is made from the outer husks of coconut shells. The fibres are taken out and converted into coir, which resembles yarn.

Coconut husk fibres are excellent for matting because of their exceptional durability. The natural fibres are extremely resistant to water because they are indigenous to subtropical climes. Freshwater or saltwater may be used to moisten the coir while still maintaining its integrity as a rug. Additionally, it resists mould and mildew, two issues that mats in damp locations, like the kitchen, frequently face.

The capacity of coir to withstand fading is another benefit of the product. Without worrying about the colour getting faded, you may hang them outside, on your front door, and in other places that are exposed to direct sunshine.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Using Coir Doormats?

Coir doormats not only last a long time, but they also have other benefits that make them practical for everyday usage. Here are a few examples:

  • Affordable: Compared to fabric and synthetic doormats, coir ones are less affordable. A coir doormat will give you greater value for your money because of its durability and affordability.
  • Versatile: Coir mats are available in a variety of hues and textures. If you choose a natural finish, the mat might not be as colour-fading resistant. But as long as you don’t leave it in the sun for too long, it should be good. You may select a colourful coir doormat that suits your style among the many that are offered nowadays. Alternatively, you may purchase a plain coir mat and apply the pattern by hand using latex paint.
    • Slip-proof: The rough texture of the coir makes it easy to grasp. Accidents are more prone to occur in slick places, such as your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor surfaces, therefore, this helps avoid them. Additionally resilient enough to remove water and dirt that makes your shoes slick, coir doormats may be used. 
  • Easy to clean: The majority of coir mats have an open back so that water may drain. As a result, your mat will accumulate less filth. However, you may quickly clean your mat with a brush or dry cleaning powder if there are any obstinate stains or crusted dirt on it.

How Do You Clean Coir Doormats?

Although coir mats require little upkeep, we advise shaking or cleaning them once a week to prevent dirt from being embedded in the fibres. In order to avoid damaging your mats, elevate them whenever you clean or vacuum the floor. This reduces the amount of dirt that gathers on your mat.

Scrape off any apparent dirt and debris before cleaning your mat if it needs a more thorough cleaning. For thicker mats, you can use a broom, stiff-bristle brush, or even steel wool. A clothesline and a staff would be an alternative way to hit your mat. Soak your mat in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes to help the dirt and particles come loose if you want to be even more thorough. After that, brush it to remove any last bits of debris. Depending on what produced the stain, you may either use white vinegar or a mild detergent to remove tough stains. Most food stains may be removed with detergent.

Hang your mat outside to air dry after cleaning. To avoid discolouration if it had been submerged in saltwater, clean it with fresh water first.

Stylish, Long-Wearing Coir Mats

Entrance Matting Ireland sells coir doormats online that are both useful and fashionable. We provide a large selection of mats in different sizes, designs, and textures to match your preferences and the decor of your house. Our mats feel pleasant underfoot, easily remove dirt from shoes, and can resist significant use.

Check out our assortment of entrance matting in Ireland by visiting our online store. Fill out our online form to inquire, and we’ll contact you right away.


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