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What Do Comedy Ghost Writers Do

Comedy Ghost Writers

by jameswilliam

First, we need to know what ghostwriters are? Well, people hire a ghost writer to write content for them and gets credit themselves; meaning ghost writers are not credited for their work but rather only paid for their work for someone else.

When we talk about comedy ghost writers, they usually give a comedy perspective to a piece of writing. They simply add more humor to their content. The humor is of utmost importance if you are going for a standup comedy show. You would want to make sure that the joke is funny, not just that but your delivery must also be impactful. A comedy writer can make anything sound funny. Bloggers usually hire ghost writers to write content for their blog to be credited under their name.

What are the techniques they use?

The first and foremost thing any comedy writer would have done is read comedy. Comedy writers read a lot of comedy and take inspiration from other writers. If you want to become a ghost comedy writer then you need to be passionate about it. Once you know how comedy writing works, you will be able to generate comedic content of the highest quality. And could become the highest paid among the other comedy ghost writers.

They have an understanding of how comedy works. So they brainstorm ideas and write them down on paper. Obviously not every idea that comes to your mind and put on your paper is going to be funny. Being fearless is another part of a comedy writer that helps him deal with rejection and work on himself/herself to do better next time around. Comedy writers follow the trend in order to create a comedic comeback. They extract comedy out of the most dramatic moments in their lives or other people’s. If you want to become a successful comedy writer you first need to take some satire and humor classes.

Here are the 6 steps a ghost comedy writer follows:

Outlining the draft

Getting the outline ready is the best thing to do. After thoroughly studying and analyzing data provided by the client, ghostwriters craft the outline whether it’s for a book, article, or screenplay. To get approved by the client comedy writer prioritize outline’s quality.

First chapter

Comedy ghost writers do write a sample chapter for their clients. That sample chapter is a humorous writing style that is stylized in a way that any reader would be hooked on until the end of the chapter. If the piece of writing gets approved then the ghostwriter starts to work on the next chapter of the book.


Proofreading and editing are the basics that every writer would consider before sending their content for approval. It is as significant as the humor made possible in that piece of writing. A writer would obviously want their writing to be flawless, so they thoroughly proofread and make the changes where they are required the most.

Here are the 5 ways to become a ghost comedy writer:

Become a freelance writer

Before you start working as a ghost comedy writer, you must first become a good freelance writer. You must know how to attract your client. Study the market and once you have achieved that level, your next step should be comedy writing that you want to pursue.

Start working on big projects

You must get a big project for yourself in order to study the scope of it. Comedy ghost writers write books to gain more insight into the bigger marketplace. Writing a book is a totally different skill once you have learned it you can earn big writing comedy-centered books.

Writing for someone else

Freelancing is all about writing for someone else, especially ghostwriting. In order to be a good ghostwriter, you need to learn to adapt to other writing styles as it is a big part of being a comedy writer. You need to be fluid and your writing must have a flow in it.


In this article, we have studied what techniques are used by a comedy ghost writer? How to become a comedy ghostwriter and be the best among other comedy ghost writers. It only takes a few steps to start working on your skills, doing research, and reading comedy-centered books to get an idea of it all in your mind. SO that you could craft perfect content for your client.

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