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What Dimensions Does A Double Decker / Other Bunk Beds Have?

by topfurniture

A double decker bed is a bed layout in which one bed is stacked or positioned on top of another. It is possible to fit three beds onto a single floor space if the bunk bed is adequately reinforced and fastened.


Additionally, there are bunk beds in which at least one of the several beds is attached perpendicularly in an L-shape, as opposed to being placed flush on top of another. Some bunk beds conceal a third bed, known as a trundle bed, in a drawer beneath the bottom bunk. In lieu of a trundle bed, some bunk beds may feature a chest of drawers for storing clothing. Even if there are minor variations in the aesthetic features used, the fundamental structural architecture stays same.


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Standard, Single, and Twin bunk beds are 75 inches by 39 inches by 65 inches. The dimensions of a Full or double bunk bed are 75 by 54 by 65 inches. There are many sizes of bunk beds, including short bunk beds, triple bunk beds, and bunk beds with trundle beds. King and Queen bunk beds are uncommon.


Similar to standard platform beds, bunk beds come in various sizes. In many cases, the size of the upper and lower bunks differs. Often, the top bunk is smaller (typically a Twin) than the bottom (usually a Full or larger). For bunk beds to be able to support the weight of two or more people, they are typically made from durable wood, metal, or a combination of both. We also provide recommendations for strengthening bunk beds.


Since bunk beds save a tremendous amount of bedroom space, they are widely utilised in rooms that are shared by two or more people. Typically, bunk beds are utilised in dorms, youth hostels, ships, military barracks, and summer camps. It is also a suitable arrangement for siblings. Therefore, if you’re a parent looking to save bedroom space for your children, choose bunk beds instead of single beds! You might also enjoy our post on making bunk beds appear sweeter or how to hang curtains on a bunk bed.


What do “shorty” bunk beds entail?


A shorty bunk bed is a bunk bed that is – short. The shorty bunk bed was created because the idea of small children sleeping several feet off the ground is unsettling to parents. This style of bunk bed is designed specifically with smaller children in mind.


Check see our article about how to make bunk bed ladders safer as well.



What size are double bunk bed?


The first two measurements of the bunk bed dimensions relate to the conventional lengths and widths of mattresses, while the third measurement corresponds to the assembled height of the bunk bed. ‘As assembled’ implies that the dimensions comprises the full height of the bunk bed to the top of the posts.


Standard, Single, and Twin bunk beds are 75 inches by 39 inches by 65 inches. There are also bunk beds of various sizes. The dimensions of a Full or Double bunk bed are 75 by 54 by 65 inches. A Queen-sized bunk bed is 80 inches by 60 inches by 65 inches. A King-sized bunk bed is 80 inches by 76 inches by 51.5 inches. Remember that a ‘King’ bunk bed often features a king-sized lower bunk and a twin-sized upper bunk. It’s rare to see a bed larger than a full size bed on the top bunk.


Some of the other basic mattress sizes listed below are uncommon for ready-to-assemble bunk beds, but they remain viable possibilities for bespoke bunk bed projects.


Narrow or 3-foot mattress bunk beds are 36 inches by 75 inches by 65 inches. The size of a Twin Extra Long or Twin XL bunk bed is 39 in. x 80 in. The size of a California Queen bunk bed is 60 in. × 84 in x 65 in. The dimensions of an Expanded Queen bunk bed are 66 x 80 x 65 inches. A California King bunk bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches by 65 inches, while a Grand King bunk bed measures 80 inches by 98 inches by 65 inches. These sizes are quite rare. Add accessories to your bunk beds to maximise the space in your bunk bed room.


How long are conventional doubled decker bed ?


As seen in the table above, conventional bunk beds are approximately 80 inches long when completed and can accept mattresses of 75 inches in length.


Even though a shorty bunk bed is several inches closer to the ground, it still accommodates a single, twin, or standard-sized mattress that is 75 inches long.


What height are double decker beds ?


There are no established industry standards for the height of bunk beds, thus each manufacturer is free to produce bunk beds of any reasonable height. However, the bulk of bunk beds are between 50 and 65 inches tall, with the highest triple beds typically topping 77 inches in height.


The average height of ordinary bunk beds is around 65 inches. This dimension is based on the highest point of the top bunk, which is typically the guard rail; however, the top of the mattress is typically a few inches below.


Because the height of a bunk bed might effect how well it fits in your room, you must consider the entire floor space of the bedroom in which you intend to install the bunk bed. As a general rule, larger rooms can accept larger mattresses, but smaller rooms should have bunk beds with smaller mattresses.


Therefore, measure your available floor area with as much precision as feasible. Nevertheless, it is also a good idea to include an allowance of around an inch when measuring to account for potential variances in the manufacturer’s specs or in the precision of your manual measurement.


No manufacturer recommends a specific ceiling height, but an adult needs 33 to 38 inches of clearance between the top bunk mattress and the ceiling to sit comfortably in bed. If you have a bunk bed with a height of 65 inches and the mattress is a few inches below this, an 8-foot ceiling will be sufficient.


What height do triple bunk beds have?


Similar to two-bed bunk beds, there are no established criteria for triple bunk beds; however, they typically surpass 77 inches in height. They range in height from just over 77 inches to over 78 inches.


Triple bunk beds with an L-shape layout are around 72 inches tall and are a bit shorter. As a general rule, you should leave 33 to 38 inches of space between the top of the mattress on the upper bunk and the ceiling. This will depend on the height of the individual occupying the top bed. If you are considering a triple bunk bed, you must have a ceiling height of at least 9 feet. A suitable fit for a tall person will generally require a ceiling height greater than 9 feet 6 inches.


Triple bunk bed dimensions and size


A triple bunk bed can reach a height of at least 82 inches. In average, twin-sized mattresses measuring 75 inches by 39 inches are utilised in bunk beds. Image sourced from


What size are camper bunk beds?


Each manufacturer determines the size of a camper or travel trailer, as there are no standard sizes. Because of space constraints, campers typically use standard or full-sized mattresses on bunk beds. In an RV, camper, or trailer, mattress measurements refer to RV mattress sizes, which differ from residential mattress sizes.


The sizes of campers’ bunk bed mattresses vary. A bunk bed mattress in an RV could be as little as 75 by 28 inches. A Twin or Standard RV mattress could be 75 inches by 38 inches or 80 inches by 38 inches. The dimensions of double bunk beds for campers or RVs are 75 inches by 54 inches. Therefore, it is preferable to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the size of your RV mattress.


The top bunk’s height depends on the trailer or camper’s ceiling. Bunk bed height is lower in trailers with ceilings between 7 and 10 feet and higher in campers with 10 feet or more.


What dimensions does a shorty double decker bed have?


Although the term’shorty’ bunk bed is unofficial, it refers to a low bunk bed designed specifically for children. Most shorty bunk beds feature the narrow or 3-foot mattress, which is slightly smaller than a conventional standard or twin mattress. See the preceding table.


The first two measurements correlate to the lengths and widths of the mattresses used, while the third value corresponds to the assembled height of the bunk bed.


The dimensions of a twin shorty bunk bed mattress are 75 inches by 36 inches by 50 inches. This 3-foot mattress is typically used in bunk beds for children. There are also shorty bunk beds that utilise a conventional twin-size mattress and measure 75 inches by 38 inches by 50 inches. The typical bed height ranges between 50 and 55 inches, making a shorty bed at least 10 inches shorter than the typical height of regular adult bunk beds.

What is the smallest room size required for a bunk bed?


There are no minimum bedroom dimensions because bedrooms and bunk beds can vary in size. The building code requires 70 square feet of floor space for a “bedroom.” Minimum bunk bed room dimensions are 120 by 84 by 96 inches.


Regardless of the official minimum construction code requirements for what constitutes a “bedroom,” the first thing you must consider is the size of the bunk bed you wish to install in your room. Then you should evaluate the location of the bed.


Will it be against the wall, in the corner, or in the centre? The placement will be determined purely by the preference of the room’s owner, and this will determine the area you need to clear for each side of the bunk bed you need to reach.


For easy ascent and descent, leave 30 inches of space in front of the ladder. With this clearance, every other side of the bunk bed could be against a wall, especially if the bedroom is designed with a bunk bed niche. Depending on your needs, add a dresser, closet, table, or chair to your bedroom.  Check out our comparison of bunk beds versus trundle beds for further suggestions. Have more questions? Examine our entire guide to loft beds and our suggestions for making your ladder more comfy.


In conclusion


If you are looking for bunk beds, it is important to know the size of the bed. Standard bunk beds are typically six feet long. However, there are different sizes of bunk beds available on the market. For example, Lenchong offers a variety of bunk bed sizes, including triple-deckers and quad-deckers. So if you need a specific size for your room or home, be sure to contact Lenchong to learn more about our selection of bunk beds in various sizes.


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