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What Are the Types of Skydiving in Dubai?

Skydiving in Dubai

by jameswilliam

Skydiving is the most amazing and adventurous activity in Dubai. Almost all the tourists wish to experience such adventurous activity while visiting Dubai. Dubai is the most glamorous city and provides many things for the tourist attraction. One of the most common and amazing activities provided by Dubai is skydiving. Dubai delivers many fitness experiences on land and water. You can visit all the famous places of Dubai but never miss to experience the skydiving in Dubai. It will be very thrilling to reach 13000 above the sea level and freefall at 120 miles per hour. As it is a very scary and dangerous activity, there are different types of skydiving for different kinds of people.
Types of skydiving you can do in Dubai:
You can experience different kinds of skydiving in Dubai. Here we will discuss three major kinds of skydiving.
Tandem jumping:
Tandem jumping is one of the most common kinds of skydiving in Dubai. It is good for the beginners because in this type of skydiving a professional skydiver instructor will always be with you to guide. Professional trainers help you a lot to experience your freefalling activity. In the beginning professional trainers provide their assistants who will securely attach with you during the tandem skydiving. They will never leave you alone on any single step and remain with you from departure through free fall, canopy piloting and landing. This type of skydiving provides entertainment and satisfaction to the beginners and enhances their courage to experience the more and more difficult types of skydiving.
Static line jumping:
If you want to enjoy your skydiving activity solely you can choose static line skydiving. In this type of skydiving instructors will provide you with all the instructions but they will not remain with you through the whole process. In static line jumping you are allowed to enjoy your journey of skydiving alone. If you are doing your static line skydiving, a professional instructor must be with you to guide all about the process. In this skydiving the skydivers encounter a very swift free fall before the main parachute opens. Static line associated with the airship initiates the implementation of the primary canopy when the diver falls out of the aircraft.
Free fall with acceleration:
Accelerated free fall is popularly considered as a genuine deal. In this type of skydiving you will endure a 50 seconds free fall in your first jump. It is one of the most exciting and interesting activities to do. In the free fall acceleration skydiving two instructors taught you about the method of skydiving. One of these two professional instructors will hold you until you open your parachute successfully. The instructor who is with the diver helps the diver to enjoy the adventurous activity more carefully. The second instructor who is on the ground provides the instructions to the skydiver verbally through a radio attached to the skydiver’s hamlet. This is the most dangerous and advanced type of skydiving in Dubai.
Outdoor skydiving locations in Dubai:
There are two most stunning outdoor places for skydiving in Dubai.
Desert zone:
Desert zone is the most famous and amazing place for skydiving. Here you can enjoy golden sand dunes and can see the eccentric flora and fauna found only in desert environments. Spectacular view from the top is very amazing and heart touching. You cannot forget the desert zone free falling experience once you go through this. It provides an amazing feeling experience to the skydivers. In the desert zone the instructor will drop the parachute and allow you to enjoy the diving. You will smoothly float into the air taking in breathtaking and arresting sights of Dubai and its deserts.
The Palm zone:
Palm zone is the finest destination for skydiving in Dubai. You are allowed to enjoy manmade Iceland in the palm zone of Dubai. In this zone the area is covered with long palm trees which look more natural and attractive. It is the most attractive and attention grabbing place for the visitors.
Indoor skydiving places in Dubai:
You can also enjoy the indoor skydiving experience in Dubai. There are some different places in Dubai where you can experience skydiving inside. This type of diving is without jumping from the airship. Who is afraid to experience outdoor skydiving, can avail this best option.
Inflight Dubai:
Inflight Dubai diving place contains many tunnels where you can fly for a few minutes and can experience the journey of free falling. Tunnels give the most outrage to enjoy the experience by the skydivers all over the world.
ifly Dubai:
It is another indoor skydiving place in dubai. In this tunnel instructors are available to guide about indoor skydiving. You will definitely enjoy this indoor skydiving.

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