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What are the Top Currency Pairs?

by alexszilk


Top Currency pairs trading in any financial market is extremely challenging, as shown by the fact that the majority of beginning traders lose money. You can succeed, though, if you have enough training, experience, and education. What is forex trading, then, and is it a good fit for you?

The home currencies of two nations that are coupled for trading on the foreign exchange (FX) marketplace are referred to as currency pairs. Both currencies have exchange rates that are dependent on positions for transactions. No matter if they are for sale, purchase, or transaction, all operations on the forex market go beyond currency pairs.

Typically, the eight most popular currencies (in no particular order) are the U.S. dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the Canadian dollar (CAD), the Japanese yen (JPY), the British pound (GBP), the Australian dollar (AUD), the Swiss franc (CHF), and the Chinese Yuan (CNY).

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What is Forex?

Trillions of dollars are traded every day between millions of parties worldwide on the forex market, making it the biggest and most liquid market. Getting accustomed to the market also referred to as forex or forex trading is one of the first steps to comprehending a few of the more popularly traded currencies.

Nearly all nations allow currency exchange, however, some pairs of currencies are used more frequently than others. The US dollar is a component of all significant currency pairs. The forex economies around the globe have a large number of significant currency pairs.

How does it work?

Even though the forex market is open every day of the week with the exception of Friday and Sunday nights, 24-hour trading sessions might be deceiving. There are three sessions, with trade sessions taking place in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Foreign Exchange is referred to by the acronyms “Forex” and “FX.” These phrases are frequently used as shorthand in forex trading.

How did Forex begin?

Foreign currency trading has existed from the beginning of human civilisation, trade, and commerce. However, the introduction of the floating exchange rates and the end of the forex gold standard in 1973 marked the beginning of contemporary forex trading.

How Are Currency Pairs Quoted?

Since currencies are exchanged in pairs, each transfer involves the exchange of one currency for another at a certain rate determined by the market. These pairs appear to be equal to 1.08 EUR/USD. This entails exchanging 1 euro for $1.08. The quotation (or counter) currency appears after the base currency in the display. The market currency is either the foreign currency in the event of a direct market or the local currency in the case of an indirect market.

Forex pairs further explained

The currencies are usually exchanged in pairs because if you buy or sell one, you also purchase or sell the other. Every currency pair has a base currency and a quoted currency. The estimated currency appears on the right side of the screen next to the base currency.


The price shown on a currency pair is an estimate of how much of the base currency you will need to spend to buy one unit.

Different types of forex pairs

Forex pair classifications can be broadly split into three groups. These are major, commodity, and cross currencies.

Major currencies 

In the market, the major are the most traded. Although most lists include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF, the number of currency pairs varies according to different people

Commodity currencies 

These are the fiat pairs whose values are tightly correlated with raw materials like coal, iron ore, and oil. This list includes commodity currencies like AUD/USD and USD/CAD.

Cross currencies

The US dollar is not included in these currency combinations. In the top ten, the cross-currency pairs are EUR/GBP and EUR/JPY.

The most traded currency pairs by volume (2022)

# Currency Pair Volume, %
1 EURUSD 27.95%
2 USD/JPY 13.34%
3 GBP/USD 11.27%
4 AUD/USD 6.37%
5 USD/CAD 5.22%
6 USD/CHF 4.63%
7 NZD/USD 4.08%
8 EUR/JPY 3.93%
9 GBP/JPY 3.57%
10 EUR/GBP 2.78%



While EUR/USD dominates the typical volume of trade of Forex pairings, traders can choose from a number of other strong and liquid currency pairs to increase their profits.

Before selecting an exchange rate to trade, traders need to take into account a number of criteria. In order to respond to a central bank statement or determine whether a currency pair is a realistic trading choice at that specific moment in time, you must also conduct your own analytical and qualitative analysis. 

Each currency in the forex market has unique properties that affect its fundamental worth and price changes relative to other currencies. Being a competent Forex trader requires an understanding of the elements that affect currency movements. Notable major currencies include the US dollar, euro, yen, pound sterling, looney, and Swiss franc.

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