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What are the Policies to Appeal American Name Change Once Flight Reservations?

Policies to Appeal American Name Change On Flight Reservations

by bryancranston

To make it convenient for the customers to correct the name once reserved, American Airlines has added-on the option, “Name Change.” With this, customers can edit the name on their booking anytime before the departure schedule. Instead, it would be better if you consider the American Airlines Name Change Policy and prevent any unexpected situation while flight change.

  • According to the name change policy of American Airlines, customers are liable to change their first name when there is a mistake in the spelling they have inserted while making reservations.
  • Furthermore, American Airlines facilitates the customers with the change service for correcting the last name completely on a reserved ticket in legal terms such as divorce or marriage of the customers.
  • At times, customers need to pay the extra amount for American flight Name change service
  • The name correction option is conveniently possible via the “My Trips” tab that is accessible on the official web portal of American Airlines.

How One Can Change the Name on their American Airlines E-ticket?

However, to make it easier for customers to correct the name spelling once booked, American Airlines has come up with the Name Change service. But nobody can be worth it until they are aware of the procedure mentioned below. If you want to prevent such tricky scenarios while proceeding with the name change service online, follow the one-on-one instructions.

  • To change or correct the name on your American Airlines Reservations online, you should switch to any of the online portals like the American Official Site or Mobile Application.
  • After that, you should navigate and click “My Trip.”
  • With this, you should provide the required details like the first and last name of the ticket holder in the appropriate section.
  • Then, you should enter the booking code of their booking.
  • Once you provide the required details of your booking, press the tab, “Find Reservations.” So that you will be able to view your booking on American Airlines.
  • Now, you are supposed to choose the flight that you need to update with the correct spelling of the name.
  • After that, correct the misspelled name on your reservations and pay the applicable amount if required. Otherwise, continue with the further on-screen steps.
  • Finally, You will get a notification from American Airlines regarding the successful name change including all the details of your updated reservations.

Instead, if you face issues while opting for the American Airlines Flight change service online, you should not delay in connecting with the experts. And ask them to make changes to your reservations with American Airlines.

How to Connect with the American Airlines Customer Service Executive?

Given below are the following options available for your convenience to convey your concern to American Airlines Customer Service Executive.

  • American Airlines Phone Number
  • American Airlines Email Support
  • American Airlines Social media Connection( Facebook and Twitter)

Even though there are various options to state your concern to American Airlines if you want a live interaction with American Airlines experts remotely. These options can be found on American Airlines Official Web Portal by clicking “Contact American,” or you can reach there by free American Airlines Español Telefono 24*7 helpline number.


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