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What Are The Best Schools In Kuala Lumpur?

by Aslam Ali

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, having a considerable ex-pat population. People from different parts of the world settle in this city to find a better lifestyle and quality education. All these people look for the best private school in Kuala Lumpur to ensure a promising start to their child’s education journey. They research and verify plenty of details before deciding which school would be apt out of all the available options. 

As you begin your quest for a private secondary school in KL, you will get utterly confused with all the options you will get. Every school will claim to be the best, making it even more challenging for you to reach a decision. Hence, we have listed the best school options below to help you with this daunting task and save your time and energy. You can refer to this list and direct your research to only find one school out of them for your child. 

Top school options in Kuala Lumpur

The Global Indian International School

GIIS is a popular name in the education industry. They have plenty of schools across the globe, each setting a benchmark in quality education, providing all possible amenities to students. You will find proper arrangements for academics and extra-curricular activities. Moreover, the educators motivate children to stay actively involved in all these activities, ensuring their holistic development. If you check their academic records, you will see a significant rise in performance in the past few years. Hence, you can definitely trust GIIS and enrol your child into it to shape a promising future for them. 

Alice Smith School

It is another popular option for the best private secondary school in KL. Their focus is on nurturing intellectually strong and academically skilled children. The teaching methodology and the strategy they follow provide a balanced and well-rounded education quality. Moreover, they work on building a strong relationship between parents, children, and teachers that help in shaping a fruitful future. 

Nexus International School

It is an international community of educators and students from various parts of the globe. The learning environment provided by the school is innovative and highly engaging to develop a liking among children for learning. Their students also learn life skills that help them their entire life. Additionally, students in this school participate in events and activities that improve their personality and make their professional journey smoother and more convenient. 

IGB International School

IGB is a promising name that works on academics and personal growth equally. They provide a full continuum of IB programmes in different phases. The vision that school follows is to make their children lifelong learners and teach them that there is something to learn from every situation. If you plan a visit to IGB international school, you will experience a positive vibe that is highly nurturing, and you will know that your child will grow here.

Tree Top International School

Tree Top is also a popular name among the best schools in Kuala Lumpur. The curriculum they offer and the teaching methodology they follow are super-supportive of building a safe and fruitful future for every child. Their staff is well-qualified and trained to handle children of all age groups. Moreover, their academic records speak volumes about their dedication to learning and will convince you to enrol your child here immediately. 

The list of options for a private school in Kuala Lumpur is endless. However, you do not have to put any energy into researching all these options. Only pick the one from the abovementioned list, which would be enough. You can plan personal visits to the most suited schools, verifying if they have everything you are looking for for your child. Stay vigilant and make calculated decisions as your child’s life is at stake.

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