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What Are The Benefits Of Working In A Co-Working Space?

by profitparrot

What once used to be a freelancer’s domain has now become standard for many start-up businesses: co-working spaces. Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular as an alternative to a professional workspace for companies of every size.

But what is a co-working space? What’s so great about co-working spaces and what are the benefits of using one for your business?

What is a Co-working Space?

Also called a shared office, it is essentially a large office or sectioned professional space designed to accommodate multiple businesses or freelancers in one building. Think of it as an apartment complex or hotel- multiple individuals under one roof but with separate spaces. The office spaces are rented out on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to suit the needs of the business or individual.

Benefits of using a Co-working Space

Co-working spaces have a variety of aspects from which companies (both large and small), and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly. Shared office space for rent is easily found with a quick online search.

Flexible for your Budget

With a variety of plans, spaces, and payment options, co-working and shared office space for rent work with any budget or size needs. There are no up-front fees or deposits required, allowing you to jump right in while keeping your budget.

Utilities and Amenities provided

You won’t have to worry about getting internet, phone lines, or any other necessary utilities since it’s already taken care of. You can focus on jumping right into your work and maximize your productivity. Everything you need is already there, leaving more time for working, and less wasted time.

Networking Opportunities

Sharing a workspace allows great opportunities to expand your network of professional connections since you’re sharing a communal space with them, and can easily brainstorm ideas with others to improve your work.

Access to potential Partnerships

A great thing about shared office spaces is the massive potential for partnerships to be formed between freelancers and entrepreneurs with similar goals and ideas. Rather than going it alone, there’s the potential for you to form a partnership with another, and potentially get seen by angel investors that are looking for something new to get in on. Visit to learn more.

Saves time and Money

Co-working and shared office spaces are perfect for small businesses that are getting started; the start-up costs are cut down drastically since you won’t have to lease out a large space, furnish it, purchase equipment, and set up utilities. This allows you to focus on your clientele and work more rather than worrying about other things.

Beneficial for your Start-up

Having a professional space to use immediately that is perfectly equipped, well maintained, access to important resources and amenities, and all within a reasonable budget is exactly what every start-up business and entrepreneur needs. You can get the perfect shared office space in Calgary and develop a thriving business quickly.

By – Profit Parrot

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