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What are pliers used for in orthodontics?

by darci2

Types of Pliers Used in Orthodontics

There are several different types of pliers used in orthodontics. They range from specialized pliers that can form loops to a variety of other special tools. Orthodontic Pliers tools are a key component in many complex dental procedures. Each of these tools is specifically made for a certain type of work.

Adhesive removal pliers

Adhesive removal pliers are tools that help in the removal of orthodontic brackets. They have two sides – one has a blade on it and the other has an occlusal pad. These pliers are design to be reversible, meaning they can be sharpened by the operator. They also have a Teflon tip on the upper beak, so that patients don’t feel discomfort.

Adhesive removal pliers can be used to remove bands, brackets, and archwires. The reversible blades can be use to remove the adhesive and clean the tooth’s surface. They come with a three-eighths-inch working pad and an extra 1/4-inch pad for trial use. Additional pads can be purchase if needed.

Crimpable hook pliers

Crimpable hook pliers are specialize pliers use in orthodontics. These pliers are design for crimping surgical ball hooks and auxiliary stops to archwires. Orthodontic pliers have several different styles, and the most commonly used are Nance pliers and Young pliers. They have a slotted tip that fits over the hook base and holds it securely during crimping. Other features include a smooth flush orbit joint and a satin finish to prevent glare.

These pliers have long and short peaks. They are use for creating different loop sizes, adjusting prefixed arches, and cutting wire of all types. These pliers are generally heavier than other pliers and require high quality steel, which is reinforce with tungsten carbide.

Stubby bird beak pliers

Bird Beak Pliers are a great tool for orthodontics because they are extremely useful for performing a variety of tasks. These pliers feature a beveled working edge and precise tips for precise wire bending. These pliers are also excellent for face bow adjustment. They are designe by experts and are make from premium stainless steel to be sturdy and resilient.

Stubby bird beak pliers can be use for various wire bending tasks. They can be use to bend round, rectangular, or square wire.

Hilliard Thermo plier Pliers

Hilliard ThermoPlier Pliers are use to alter the positions of removable thermoplastic appliances. They can be use for palatal and vestibular tooth tipping. The thermo pliers can also be use for orthodontic procedures. They can be adjust for different angle-to-pinch ratios.

The Hilliard Thermo plier Plies can correct orthodontic relapse, minor rotations, and close spaces. With few simple manipulations, these pliers can shift your teeth. Hilliard Thermo Plier Pliers are also use in Essix aligners, which can be adjust in seconds. These aligners can deliver up to three millimeters of movement per month. You can find Hilliard Thermo plier Plier repair services through Precision Plier Service. These heated pliers have different jaw configurations that allow them to produce different retainer configurations.

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