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Web Hosting Basic

by Tiffany Megan

Web hosting is certainly a growing industry. Web hosts are mushrooming in the same manner that quite a big number of new websites are added daily to the billions of websites on the internet. Why do people sign up with a web company? Signing up with a web host company can be for business or personal reasons.

Thousands of entrepreneurs, vendors, and businessmen can attest to the fact that having a website has certainly made a great improvement in sales and consequently profits. Some people would sign up with web server companies to provide people with useful information while others would have a website simply to share with the world their lives and experiences. Whatever the reasons may be, there are several things that must in choosing a web host.

The Choice of hosting Company

The choice of company would naturally depend on your need. First and foremost web hosting basic that is the price and the limitations of the service offered. It would be that amount of bandwidth would be correlated to the price. While a limited amount of bandwidth would be enough for a smaller personal site, it would certainly be insufficient if the site is for an online business.

Free or cheap hosting options would be cost effective but these are only suitable for personal sites. If your site is for an online business, you have to be ready to spend for a quality web hosting that will give you ample storage space, a 24/7 support, sufficient amount of gig transfer and a free domain name. Most importantly, the servers of the web host company. You certainly would not want to miss valuable visitors who could buyers because your site is down.

Web hosting companies abound the Web. Some would have great offers in terms of storage space at a considerably reduced price; other well known website companies would demand higher rates. More than the price, the service offered by the web hosts company should be considered.

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Web hosting is a term that gets around rather loosely these days. Hosts is not really a term that should generally as there are many different levels of web hosting that can range from fairly simple, to extremely complex.

In the most general terms, web hosting refers to the housing of a website. Hosting basics requires four basic components.

These basic components are as follows:

1. Administrator:

The administrator is the individual who is responsible for a number of duties in the web hosting process. The administrator will monitor variables such as the server, security, and site responsiveness and will also run traffic reports and make sure that the website is properly backed up.

2. Software:

In hosting there are several types of software that could be required. Of course you will have to have an Operating System or OS like Windows and a web server, but you may also need software that tracks web traffic, accepts credit cards, or even software that has digital encryption.

3. Hardware:

Like with software, there is some hardware that is required for website hosting and some that is optional. Required hardware is servers and networking devices such as switches and routers that allow the connectivity to take place. Optional hardware can range from firewalls to uninterrupted power supplies, and even load balancing, all of which are nice to have but not mandatory.

4. Connectivity:

Put simply, connectivity is the manner in which your Internet Service Provider or ISP provides access to your website. Typically, the faster the connectivity the better. Web hosting services are brake down into four categories as follows:

1. Shared
2. Co-Location
3. Managed
4. Developed

Each category will have different levels of administration, software, hardware, and connectivity and as a general rule of thumb, the high up the list you go, the more you can expect to pay. That being said, the most basic for website hosting.

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