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Wearing Procedure Of Chandra Yantra – Astroeshop

Chandra Yantra


The Chandra Yantra is associate with the moon god in Hinduism. An important benefit of wearing Chandra Yantra is that it helps in achieving success in business and relationships. The procedure for wearing Chandra yantra and mantra is give below.

Chandra Yantra Mantra

Om Shram Shreem Shrom sah Om Chandrayan Namah

ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रोअ सः ॐ चंद्राय नमः

Benefits of Chandra Yantra?

  • A person who wears a yantra will overcome all kinds of problems in life due to the bad placement of Chandra Navagraha in the horoscope.
  • There will be success in work-related matters.
  • Those who are looking for a new job will soon get the desired job.
  • Farmers, entrepreneurs and shop owners will see an increase in profits.
  • A person’s position in society will improve.
  • Those who seek awards and rewards will receive them.
  • New position in society, politics, government, etc.
  • Shiva’s blessings in overcoming difficulties in life.

The procedure for wearing Chandra Yantra?

  • Yantra should be wear on Monday or a full moon day.
  • A person who wishes to wear a yantra should wake up early and take a bath.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha and wear white clothes.
  • The person should then perform puja to Shiva.
  • The person should sit facing north.
  • Light Diya using Pure Cow Ghee, Jasmine Flower Agarbatti, Red Sandalwood Paste,
  • White flowers and white color sweets like kheer should be offer.
  • The mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” should be chant 108 times.
  • In the evening after the bath one should offer water to Chandra.
  • A person should chant the above mantra 108 times and then wear the yantra.
  • Donating food on the second day is meritorious.

A simplified peaceful life with Siddha Chandra Yantra?

The Siddh Chandra Yantra is note for its celestial qualities as it contains the attraction of inspiration that helps a mark calmness, quiet love life and progress in your budget part of life. Likewise, you will make incredible progress in your search for a job or a pleasant life. Buy chandra Yantra online with its benefits, mantra, price and correct puja vidhi at Astrology Medicines Products Store.

The Siddha Chandra Yantra or Moon Yantra is associate with the Moon. Facilitates motherhood and love in life. Develop a good intuitive ability and are calm. You will achieve remarkable success in your endeavors. You absorb the positive qualities of the Moon. If the Moon is weak in your birth chart aka Kundli, having a Cleaned, Energized and Activated Powerful Chandra Yantra is a must for you. Then you will become prosperous and gain wealth. You remain polite and kind. Have to command respect in the social circle. You are save from emotional trauma and get rid of depression and stress. Pavitra Jyotish provides an energized and activated Siddha Chandra Yantra.

Can it reduce the harmful effects of Vastu Dosha?

We all are aware of Vastu. Some of us believe while others don’t; it’s just a matter of faith. We watch our parents, especially our mothers, regularly worship daily for years, which is then pass down to the next generation. In times of trouble and misfortune, we always remember God. But we have to thank him even in good times. Sometimes the positions of the planets create the Vastu Dosha in our horoscope. Depending on the sun sign, each planet leaves a unique and significant impact on a person’s life in both positive and negative ways. When the Moon is malefic, it is called “Chandra dosh”. 

Chandra Yantra can be use to remove Vastu dosh from our house. This yantra when placed in the right place in the house will start working to improve the Vastu Dosh of your house if any. The right place is the northwest corner of the house. 

Chandra Yantra radiates positive energy only when charged with a proper Vedic approach and recitation of mantras by an expert Pandit. This yantra removes Vastu Dosh from the house. According to Vedic scriptures, the Vastu Yantra should be buried in the center of the house at the time of construction with proper Vedic rituals. In this way, it nullifies all negative energies in and around the house and in all directions of the house.

Benefits/speciality of Chandra Yantra (Moon Yantra)?

  • This particular yantra is usually use for gains in money-relate matters and a properly blessed Chandra yantra is believe to yield gains that are quite huge. The yantra is say to improve one’s life and bring changes in one’s lifestyle by acquiring luxury. Wealth and precious items like gold, silver and gems all come under the influence of the moon and therefore wearing Chandra Yantra give one an upper hand in acquiring all these materials. It is not only material gains that this yantra relates to. 
  • Yantra is also say to bring happiness and contentment. It is say that a person who wears this yantra leads a much happier and more content life, thereby changing his outlook on life. Moreover, this yantra is also know to control love life and can change it dramatically. However, this requires the Moon to represent the love life. If this is the case, it is believe that the person will have a very romantic and joyful love life.
  • As the Moon is one of the most important planets in the zodiac, its position and tribulation with other planets can give rise to ‘Matru Dosh’ and ‘Grand Mool Dosh’. These two formations are know to cause many problems and Chandra Yantra is use to correct these defects in the zodiac sign.
  • A Chandra yantra is only capable of producing positive results when it has been purified and energized using proper Vedic practices known to experts in the field. Energizing the yantra is done by reciting certain mantras which are in turn stored in the yantra. An effective Chandra yantra should be energized by at least 11,000 chants of the Beej mantra or Ved mantra; otherwise, the yantra cannot produce the desired effect.
  • Once the yantra is energized, it should be introduced into your home, pocket, neck or purse. 
  • Monday is considered an auspicious day for setting up a yantra. The Moon Yantra should be worshiped every now and then, especially after bathing. One should chant 11 Beej mantras for it and then tell it to fulfill your wish. Worshiping and energizing the yantra regularly is believed to strengthen your relationship with it and thus make it more productive.

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