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Utilize StormX Clone To Earn Rewards For Crypto Cashback Shopping

by jenniferwatson

What Is a StormX Clone?

StormX clone is a ready-made cryptocurrency cashback app solution that makes it easy for business owners to set up apps that reward and pay back cryptocurrency. It contains features that are already built in and a business model that makes managing a profitable crypto rewards program simple. Before we talk about the idea of making an app like StormX, let’s talk about the basic technology requirements.


Whether it’s an investment or a money transfer, everything is moving toward paperless transactions. This shows how clear it is that the global economy is moving toward the digital economy. The newest player in the market for digital payments is cryptocurrency.

The Function of Cryptocurrencies 

A cryptocurrency is, to put it simply, a virtual currency that is secured through encryption. Cryptocurrencies stand out because they are not issued by any authority, which reassures consumers that they will not be manipulated or interfered with by the government.

Here are some strong justifications for why the economy is dominated by digital currency:

100% Safe

Every transaction that occurs when a cryptocurrency is made is recorded on a public ledger. For currencies, owner identities are encrypted.

Nearly impenetrable

The balance is precisely calculated by the public ledger. To make sure the coins being used are those of the spender, every transaction is scrutinized. The “blockchain for transactions” is another moniker for the document. The blockchain technology ensures the security of the transactions.

Simple to Use

The reason for cryptocurrencies’ high demand is their simplicity of use. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to send and receive money.

The Untapped Business Idea: Crypto Cashback & Rewards App

Despite the fact that most people are familiar with the terms “cashback” and “shopping,” the exhilaration we get when hearing them never gets old. With the introduction of the crypto cashback platform, the cashback sector has also altered because the digital era is now very competitive. Yes! You are accurate.

A StormX-Crypto Cashback App: What Exactly Is It?

Let’s face it, most of us have taken advantage of discounts and cashback offers when making purchases or paying bills online. But what if the payment you get in your wallet is not digital currency? Sounds strange, huh?

A Platform Like StormX Functions This Way

The concept is simple.

  • Similar to a multi-vendor eCommerce site, the app’s administrator will communicate with a variety of online businesses.
  • Each time a user made a purchase through the app or a merchant, the administrator would be paid a commission.
  • The user will then receive their payment via cryptocurrency from the admin.
  • Users have the option to withdraw money or queue up their wallets.

Through the app, users will be able to shop and purchase cryptocurrencies without making any investments or working hard.

Through the app, users will be able to shop and purchase cryptocurrency without making any investments or exerting any effort.

It provides a platform that benefits both the user and the program administrator. Let’s look at the benefits that come from the development of the StormX clone.

What Allows for the Launch of a StormX Clone?

Smartphone use grows every day as more and more people use them. Although they can be used for everything from basic shopping to putting a product order, it is undeniable that they have evolved into a crucial element. The entire world has gone digital, as has our economy.

As a result, developing a mobile application is the best way to attract users and get into the market for cryptocurrency-based purchases. Due to the increase in download rates and mobile consumers, many business owners, including you, have jumped into developing this cryptocurrency cashback business.

Incredible Benefits Of The StormX Clone App Benefits For The Admin:

  • As an app owner, you are permitted to use and gain from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.
  • You can more easily pique customers’ interests.
  • You might enhance the standing of your software.
  • By employing this MLM cryptocurrency cashback technique, you might draw in a sizable clientele.
  • increase your investment’s return

Benefits For Clients/Users:

  • Now, they can cut costs on purchases more successfully.
  • Because they can stake more cryptocurrency in their wallet, they have a great possibility to earn more of it.
  • It is not required to invest.
  • Customers have access to a wide range of products in numerous categories.
  • People can earn cryptocurrency even when they make offline purchases.
  • By introducing friends, users can earn some money.

List the digital currencies that can be earned as cash rewards.

  • Bitcoin(BTC)
  • Ethereum(ETH)
  • StormX(STMX)
  • Litecoin(LTC)
  • Dai(DAI) \sYearn.Finance(YFT)

How Can You Sell Bitcoin?

The procedure to cash out bitcoin is the same whether you’ve just become a crypto millionaire or simply want to leave before you lose any more money. Generally speaking, you go through the reverse process from purchasing bitcoin, which may include a few additional clicks.

How to Use Coinbase to Sell Bitcoin

Start with Coinbase (or Coinbase Pro) by exchanging your cryptocurrency for USD. This is how it works:

  • The “Buy/Sell” button on your web browser or the Coinbase mobile app is where you do this.
  • Next, choose the Sell option and enter the selling price.
  • To preview your sale, click the button, and to confirm, click the “sell now” button.

On Bitstamp, how to Cash Out Bitcoin

Compared to the browser version, Bitstamp offers a somewhat different procedure while using the mobile app. In either scenario, you begin by exchanging your money for USD.

How to Use Bittrex to Sell Bitcoin

When using Bittrex, begin by selling your cryptocurrency and making sure your funds are transferable. You must set up two-factor authentication if you haven’t previously in order to complete the withdrawal.

What kind of value could it possibly have?

Over $100 billion is currently spent on the blockchain sector. People all over the world are adopting to the concept of blockchain along with some industries. Being that more countries are encouraging its entrepreneurs, engineers, and customers to do so, now is the perfect time for you to get involved in the creation, investment, and mining of cryptocurrencies.

What Does It Cost To Make A StormX Clone?

The cost of your app will change depending on how amazing you want it to be. Building a cryptocurrency cashback platform might be challenging. However, because our Appdupe team is here with the personalized script, you won’t need to be concerned about the budget. The costs of the development as a whole will depend on the following factors:

  • the inclusion of add-ons and plug-ins
  • Customization is required
  • Platforms for app release that offer hourly, part-time, or full-time development time

What Support Can Appdupe Offer You Along the Way?

We offer you the best solutions because we have been the most famous development company for years, allowing you to create a strong crypto cashback platform like StormX. Our platform makes it simpler for you to earn money and have a significant impact in the digital economy thanks to its various features and capabilities. Why then are you still holding out? Get your boots ready!

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