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Unknown Facts About Canadian Business Immigration

by sarika

Running a business in Canada is not possible unless you are a permanent resident. Thus, many Canadian business immigration programs to Canada grant permanent residency, depending on your business type. To mention, the business PR Canada program allows you to immigrate to Canada as well as open, purchase, and establish a business that is sufficient to support your family. 

Although this sounds very beneficial, it is crucial to know the many little secrets about Canadian business immigration if you consider establishing a business in Canada. The information will be helpful in your express entry to Canada and make your application easier. Thus, this article discusses some of these programs’ unknown yet important facts.

Average Time Required To Set Up A Business In Canada

An average processing time of 20 months is provided to applicants of the Canadian Investor Visa Program or the Startup Visa Program. However, these twenty months do not encompass the time required to create a business plan, receive investment funding, acquire legal paperwork, and register the company.

Canadian Investor Visa: Overview

To obtain a Canadian Investor Visa, you must mail or courier your application to the centralized intake office of the Start-Up Business Class in Nova Scotia. Your completed application form, related documents, and the application fee must be enclosed in an envelope measuring 23 cm by 30.5 cm (9 inches by 12 inches).

You will be charged $2,075 for processing the Investor Visa Program application, which includes the right of residency. After that, an additional fee is required if you include your dependents and spouse or common-law partner in your application.

Is Your Family Allowed To Enter Canada On A Business Visa?

Families including spouses and any children under 21 may be covered on a business visa. However, the application for permanent residency should include this information if you are applying under the Start-Up Visa Program, Provincial Nominee Program, or Express Entry to Canada Program.

Can You Work Without Obtaining A Permanent Residency?

If you possess a temporary work permit, you are eligible to work in Canada besides staying with your family temporarily. However, the Start-Up Visa Program does not require you to submit your application for permanent residence before you apply for a work visa. To be considered for permanent residence under this program, you must present your Commitment Certificate and a Letter of Support.

Time Required For Obtaining Citizenship

Before applying for citizenship, you must be living in Canada for at least 1,095 days as a permanent resident within five years following your PR status. 

In conclusion

Understanding the procedures involved in applying for permanent residency and establishing a business in a foreign country can take a long time and be complicated. The Constitution Act,1867 outlines immigration as an area of shared responsibility between Canada’s federal government, and the provinces and territories. There are many deadlines, procedures, and requirements to fulfill, making it easy to commit mistakes that will affect your chances of becoming a permanent Canadian resident. However, taking the assistance of an experienced and reliable Canadian Immigration Consultant can make a obtaining business visa Canada painless. Thus, taking their help is recommended to have a smooth experience. 

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