Umrah Guide 2022: Best Time, Visa, Accommodation, Essentials And More

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Umrah, one of the two major pilgrimages Muslims do, is sometimes referred to as shorter travel. It purifies the pilgrims’ minds, bodies, and souls via brief and straightforward ceremonies. Even though Umrah packages are not obligatory, Muslims strongly advise undertaking the pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime. The trip needs to be prepared for, and this blog is the Umrah Guide you need to make good plans.

Best time to do Umrah

Although the Umrah journey is not time-sensitive, December and January are the biggest months for Muslim travellers to Makkah. This is due to two factors: first, the Hajj season is coming to a conclusion, and second, Makkah has beautiful weather throughout the months. Booking hotels has also become simpler as a result. Muslims also choose Safar and Muharram, the first and second months of the Islamic calendar, as times to perform Umrah. These months do not always occur on the same day since the Islamic calendar is 10 to 12 days shorter than the solar calendar, but this year, the month of Muharram will start on the 9th or 10th of August.

How to reach Makkah for Umrah?

  • Nearest airport:  King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA: JED) in Jeddah
  • From the airport: Cab is the most preferred mode of transport from the Jeddah airport to Makkah city.
  • Intercity Travel: Tourists can choose to see the city by bus or taxi. You can also rent a car. However, there are a lot of religious places around the mosque that are within walking distance.

Umrah Visa 

For those travelling to do the Umrah, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers special visas that are good for 30 days after they are issued. Pilgrims must visit the licenced travel agency to apply for the same. They must, among other things, fill out an online application form, attach the NOC certificate from their staff, and provide a letter attesting to their religious affiliation. Along with recognized organizations, pilgrims’ travel and housing arrangements are also handled by government-approved agents, who may be contacted for the same. 

Rituals of Umrah

Peace is gained via doing umrah, as well as other benefits in this life and the next. Muslims must execute these four procedures in order to finish the pilgrimage. After completing Ghusl and donning Ihram attire, the pilgrims enter the Ihram state of cleanliness and dedication. Then they make seven counterclockwise circles around the Kaaba to conduct Tawaf. They were walking between the hills of Safa and Marwa while performing prayers is the third step of Sai. The pilgrims finally shave their heads to mark the end of their journey.

Umrah guide for females

There are several specific laws and regulations that women undertaking Umrah packages must follow while on their journey. The major purpose of these ceremonies is to keep people out of sight so that they appear on an equal footing before Allah. One of these regulations prohibits female pilgrims from wearing any makeup while doing Umrah. They are not permitted to don a cap that conceals their forehead. Additionally, women are not permitted to do the Umrah during their menstrual cycle.

Accommodation near the Grand Mosque

Every year, many individuals pay their devotion to Allah by travelling to the sacred Kaaba. The city is home to a variety of accommodation options, including luxury five-star hotels and standard budget hotels.

Top 5-star properties near al-Haram mosque:  

Park Inn By Radisson Makkah Aziziyah, Millennium Makkah Al Naseem, and Hyatt Regency Makkah Hotel.

Good Budget Stays near the Kaaba, Makkah:

Dana Al Taj, Wisam Al Taj Hotel, Malak Ajyad Hotel, and Jawad Al Taj Hotel

Ziyarat Guide for Makkah

Ziyarat involves going to a shrine, grave, or another sacred spot. When travelling to Makkah to do the Umrah, one must pay a visit to a number of religious places inside the holy city. Aisha Mosque, where the beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prepared for entering Ihram, and Quba Mosque, the second-largest mosque in Makkah and the earliest mosque in the history of Islam, are just two of the city’s stunning mosques. Other significant locations include Jabal Al Nour, the location of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first revelation, and Jabal Al Thawr, the location of the Prophet’s sanctuary during his flight from the Quraysh family.

Umrah Guide of Essentials

It is best to properly plan before travelling for the holy pilgrimage of Umrah Packages to prevent any problems afterwards. To minimize any trouble, pilgrims to Makkah should conduct a thorough study before purchasing their airline tickets. According to the weather and essential Umrah ceremonies, they should pack. Here is a checklist for pilgrims planning to perform the Umrah to assist them in avoiding any mistakes.

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