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Types of Technology: Definitions and Examples

by amirazad

Most people use some types of technology every day of their lives. There are many other types of technology, each with unique procedures that aim to make sure processes more efficient. With a better acquaintance with various kinds of technology, you can remember how each type of technology can help enhance your daily life, and perhaps, this knowledge can help you develop a passion for a career in technology.

What is technology?

Technology is the outcome of transferring scientific knowledge to practical use. Additional forms of technology influence people trying to find more efficient ways to do things and stretching new ideas. Technology is constantly improving and generally aims to make processes more comfortable for people. For example, the internet makes contact more accessible and more efficient. While a single portion of technology often overlaps into different sites, there are typically six categories of technology: transmission, electrical, energy, manufacturing, medical, and transportation.

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Six common types of technology

Here are six Types Of technology with examples for each:

1. Communication

Communication technology consists of any pieces of technology people use to express themselves with one another. Some early examples of communication technology contain Morse code and the telegraph. Below are some examples of more contemporary communication technologies:


Television sets transmit signals that we can attend to and view audio and graphic content. People use television to communicate important dispatches, advertisements, recreation, and more. Most televisions accept signals from a cable wire or over the internet, which forwards calls that direct a television set on what range to display.


Many people consider the internet the most famous and influential communication technology. It allows individuals from around the world to interact through written notes and audio and video messages. With the internet, users can disseminate almost instantaneously with anyone else and share knowledge.

2. Electrical


The core foundation of computers is binary code, which determines whether there is an electrical current. A computer performs different functions depending on the order in which the device receives these currents. People use computers to access the internet and print physical copies of digital content,,, among other parts.


Electrical circuits exist in many modern-day items, such as computers, remote controls, cell phones, appliances,, etc.

Artificial intelligence

Many of our daily tasks have varying degrees of fake intelligence sophistication.

Audio and visual technology

3. Energy

Energy technology aims to help generate, store and transmit energy for various purposes. Common examples of energy technology include:

Solar panels

People use these panels to power buildings, homes, outdoor lighting systems, water heating systems,,, and more. Solar panels are a form of renewable energy, which is becoming a more popular form of energy generation due to their lack of carbon emissions.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines use propellers to generate wind energy. They are typically tall pillars located in open plains or within the ocean where winds are most vital and develop the most power.


They range in size—from small batteries in items such as watches to larger batteries for use inside cars or sizeable solar panel installations. There have been significant improvements in battery technology recently, with batteries now having the ability to store more energy for more extended periods.

4. Mechanical

Robotic technology is the application of engineering principles to achieve tasks more efficiently and is the fourth types of technology.


A famous example of manufacturing technology is an assembly line, which significantly improves the speed of production processes. Manufacturing technology’s benefits include product quality improvements, better tracking,, and systems analysis, faster shipping speeds,, and enhanced employee safety.


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