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TYPES OF NECKLACE FOR DIFFERENT NECKLINES | necklaces for different dress necklines

TYPES OF NECKLACE FOR DIFFERENT NECKLINES | necklaces for different dress necklines

by khums09

With so many necklace styles and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will look best on you. Simple, staple necklaces are wardrobe staples, but they should never be worn as an excuse to avoid wearing a necklace. You may be in a styling rut if you find yourself wearing the same necklace every day. We’re here to help you break out of your rut, because styling your necklace shouldn’t be difficult. The most important rule is to stick to your neckline. Your neckline serves as a guideline for deciding which necklace to wear with your outfit. We’ll show you how to wear necklaces for different necklines and give you tips on how to wear different necklace styles to help you narrow down your options.

  1. V-NECK

Your necklace should work in the same way. A V-neck necklace pendant should be angular and match the shape of a V. The larger the pendant, the wider the V should be. Using a rounded necklace with a V-neck creates an unbalanced look. With a plunging neckline, the length of your necklace should be proportionate to your chest. Avoid wearing necklaces that are too long. They’ll draw attention away from your neckline.


Square necklines look best with angular pendants. Selecting a pendant with a literal square shape may make your neckline appear too “boxed in.” The length of your necklace is determined by the length of your neckline. Allowing your necklace to extend past the neckline will make you appear mismatched. It may also make you appear shorter by drawing attention away from your upper body. Take precautions.


High necklines, such as halter necks and turtlenecks, create an upside-down V that shortens your torso and lengthens your shoulders. Choose a long necklace that does not clash with your collar. Necklaces made of rope or lariat are ideal.


Halter tops highlight the shoulders and make them appear slimmer, so opt for a V-shaped necklace that also elongates your figure.


To avoid crowding the neck of a turtleneck, choose a necklace that draws the eye downward and away from it. This neckline complements layered necklaces and long pendants well.


Shorter necklaces complement crew necklines. A choker or princess-length necklace will draw attention to your neck. Bib necklaces look great with crew necklines as well. Instead of angular pendants, choose curved ones for crew necklines. Rounder pendants complement the curved neckline.


Go for a bolder neckline if yours falls off the shoulder. One-shoulder dresses allow for the addition of a statement necklace. The same is true for strapless gowns. Both necklines leave a gap that can be filled with an eye-catching statement necklace. Keep your necklace collar length consistent with a one-shoulder neckline to avoid creating two focal points (the necklace and the shoulder) that distract from one another.

The necklace you wear should be appropriate for the occasion. For more formal occasions, wear fancier necklaces. When choosing a necklace, consider the time of day as well. Simple styles work best during the day, while more elaborate styles work best at night.

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