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Top tips on how to get noticed as a new blogger

Top tips on how to get noticed as a new blogger

by johnluther229

Getting views as a new blogger can be challenging, especially when starting. Many new bloggers suffer to get the views they deserve. Even the most informative content can be left undiscovered without proper strategies.

If you are facing the same issues with your blog and are on the verge of giving up, then hear our 7 pieces of advice before giving up on your dreams.

1) Killer topics get all the attention

The first thing which your readers notice is the topic. The key to getting more eyeballs is by picking up good blog topics. So be it any niche you are in, picking trending topics is the key. Think from a reader’s point of view about what they will like to read instead of what is easy for you to write upon.

Take your time to research top topics and frame your blogs around them. If you are a student trying out your hands on blogging, then we know the lack of time you might be experiencing. To avoid delay in submission of assignments, we suggest such students hire homework helper or assignment writers to complete their homework on time.

2) Use catchy visuals

Getting clicks is the first part. The next part is making the readers stay. And one way of getting it done is by adding catchy visuals. Add good images, videos and visuals which look attractive. What pleases the eyes is what will be liked by the readers.

A lot of information and message can be conveyed through pictures too. So this tip can generate interest and generate interest in the readers for reading the content.  A lot of questions like “who will solve my math problems?” Or tips for travellers and various other blog topics can be answered with a concise picture.

3)  Make your page professional

Even though you are a beginner, you must make your page look professional. Every online page be it for English assignment help, hotel booking sites, blogs, and even health sites have a professional interface for readers to take them seriously. Visitors always like to read blogs from a trusting source which comes from a professional-looking website. Proper layout, design and structure create the first impression on the readers. And as we all know that a first strong impression can be genuinely remarkable to achieve retention.

4) Include small chunks in your content

Talking about professionalism, a lot of it comes from structure too. Adding small chunks of content to your blog is vital for improving the structure. For example, you can divide the same information into small pieces instead of adding lengthy paragraphs to your blog. Big chunks scare the readers away, which will be a significant drawback for your blog. Instead, try breaking the entire work and improve the presentation considerably.

5) Add keywords to your content

You must rethink the decision of being a blogger if you are not incorporating keywords in your content. Many online tools allow one to search for keywords that come up in search. Rich keywords boost your content and help you rank on search engines. Focus on specific keywords and use them in your blogs to improve the optimization of your blogs.

5) Provide value to readers

Humans have a minimal attention period. A lot of us prefer video forms of content rather than reading. On top of that, if blogs provide the same old information it can be a major turn-off. Providing reviews, itineraries, tips and hacks are some of the blog ideas which get most of the attention. However, providing educational and informative value to your blogs will keep your readers on edge.

6) Write shareable blogs

One of the most significant advantages of following the above tip is that more readers can share your blogs. Shareable blogs post have more chances of going viral too. The readers who find your blogs interesting can share them with their contacts who might share them with their audience. This is an excellent hack for getting more eyeballs and making your community grow. Put your heart and soul into framing shareable content, and your rank will increase.

7) Link other blogs too

The reason famous bloggers keep getting big is that they link their old blogs with their present blogs. If you are not doing this, then you are missing out. Linking your old blogs increases the chances of moving your audience from one blog to another. This benefits the blogger meaning the audience stays on your platform longer. Find ways and strategies to connect a maximum of your blogs, and you will be amazed at the views ranking up.

8) Have a posting schedule

Being on track is the key to becoming successful in any field. If you are inconsistent and do not have any posting schedule, your audience will not know when to expect content from you. As a beginner, you need to value each of your visitor. Being consistent means putting out more pieces of content hence more chance of going viral. So before you think of giving up, try having a consistent timetable first, and you will see the number of viewers escalating.

9) Join blogging groups

And finally, our last tip is not technically related to blog writing but still to blogging which is to join blogging groups. It is easier to find groups in any niche today. It does not matter if you are a travel blogger or a fashion blogger, you can find groups based on your genre quickly and easily. Joining these groups helps you to meet like-minded people with similar interests. Moreover, you can check out each other’s links and support and grow your community faster.

When starting as an  blogger, you might feel at the bottom of a vast mountain. But as you move uphill with our tips, you will only see success. So giving up should not be an option. Instead, follow our directions and eventually, you will see growth every day. Remember the goal with which you started and hold that vision. All these are top tactics to get more visibility for your blogs. So start following them today and start living your dream as a blogger.

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