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Top Reviews of Meditech EHR Software

by Bella Jim

If you’re looking for a solution to your medication administration needs, look no further than Meditech EHR. This powerful software focuses on streamlining charting, documentation, and patient data retrieval to provide an easy user experience and increase treatment accuracy. However, it isn’t without its shortcomings. This web-based application only provides minimal charting options, with some missing features like assessment entry fields, a dot phase, and auto-populate preset features. Although it is a powerful program, there are some things that you should consider before you spend money on Meditech.

Expanse virtual assistant

The Expanse virtual assistant from Meditech makes it easy to search and retrieve key patient information in an EHR system without human interaction. This new technology provides physicians with hands-free access to critical patient information, such as lab results, images, and medication history. This feature helps physicians perform examinations and other procedures more quickly and safely, saving them time and effort. The Expanse virtual assistant is an excellent option for any physician who needs to quickly retrieve information from the EHR without involving human input.

The Expanse virtual assistant from Meditech employs artificial intelligence to answer queries and perform actions on the clinician’s behalf. Unlike personal assistants and voice-activated assistants, this AI-powered virtual assistant also comes with medical training and a medical degree. MEDITECH and Nuance have worked together to develop a solution that integrates medical terminology. As an example, the Expanse virtual assistant can automatically display a patient’s lab panel, note the patient’s last glycated haemoglobin test, and more.

User-friendly interface

With Meditech EHR software, you will no longer have to spend a fortune on expensive hardware. You can access the software from any internet-connected device, no matter where you are. Its user-friendly interface allows even your most inexperienced employees to use the program without any trouble. You can also save your patients’ data in a patient portal, like an e-drawer. The portal makes it easy for patients to make appointments, and it even sends out reminders for appointments.

The User-friendly interface of Meditech EHR software makes it easy for clinicians to perform tasks such as entering patient data, generating detailed reports and storing patient information. Meditech EHR is not suited for smaller practices, but it is perfect for small independent practices. With its latest Expanse upgrade, the system is now compatible with modern touch-screen devices, which significantly reduces the documentation burden for clinicians.

Accurate medication administration

One of the greatest pain points facing healthcare providers is medication adherence. The inability to properly administer medications results in wasted expenditures, physician stress and poor clinical outcomes. To combat these problems, some health systems are turning to digital health technology to improve medication adherence. Digital tools help physicians identify appropriate drugs and prescribe therapeutic alternatives, and can significantly reduce the number of patient decisions to fill a prescription and not follow dosing instructions.

In addition to providing accurate medication administration, MEDITECH’s EHR software also streamlines practice management processes. This includes billing, e-prescriptions, and patient portals. MEDITECH’s powerful features help physicians and nurses manage patient data in the most efficient manner. With MEDITECH’s software, they can increase patient care and boost their productivity. MEDITECH’s telehealth functionality allows patients to request virtual visits with physicians.


Meditech EHR software is available in a variety of pricing plans. Prices vary widely, depending on the add-on features, volume, and deployment. Some systems are licensed or purchased, while others are available for a one-time fee. In addition, some systems are more expensive than others, so it’s difficult to know what to expect before you purchase one. Most companies don’t publish their pricing plans publicly, and it’s difficult to get a firm estimate based on these costs.

Meditech Expanse EHR software is a cloud-hosted option that utilizes the latest security measures. This solution is cost-effective and scalable, and gives users autonomy over their EHR. For more information, read our Meditech Expanse review. However, be sure to check the cost before making your purchase. Weigh its advantages and drawbacks. This review will help you choose a Meditech EHR software that meets your business needs and fits your budget.


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