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Top Night Treks in India – India

India is fortunate in being naturally talented in terms of geographical diversity. India is awe-inspiring in its Natural Wonders. A few of them were discovered, and others are not known to visitors.

by rakeshchaudry


Because the illumination that stars and the Moon and stars enlightens the country that is the Natural Spots of India. Going on treks at night offers a completely different adventure and enhances your trek. Here are a few.

Skandagiri Night Trek (Bangalore)

Skandagiri Trek is located in Bangalore about 80km of Bangalore Palace. It has Great Natural Beauty and The Charm of the Night. It is like being in the clouds. A trek of 8 km and 4429 feet over sea level. Papagni Math is the base camp for this trek. numerous idols of gods can be found located. Many trekkers begin their journey here.


Anthargange Trek (Karnataka)


Trek is about 80 km away from Bangalore is famous for its natural volcanic Rock Formation. It is just 4 km of Kolar City, famous for its Gold Mines. Innerspring is the word that is related to Anthargange. It refers to a spring that flows through Anthargange is a hill range that measure 4021 feet. high. The trek also includes Caves as well as Temples. The Trek is approximately 8 km long and takes a whole day.


Dhotrey Tonglu Trek (West Bengal)

Dhotrey Tonglu Night trek takes you in lush green forests, with stunning snow-capped mountains. This trek is best enjoyed in the evening. The trek is located in Darjeeling close to Singalila National Park. Dhotrey is a tiny town with only a few residents. The trek goes along Maneybhanjang which is 2134m high. The trek offers a panoramic perspective over The Kanchendzonga trek. The ideal time to do the trek would be Springtime March and April. May.


Rajmachi Fort Trek (Maharashtra)

Rajmachi Fort Trek is situated in the Sahyadri Range near Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. The trek is known for its the trails, valleys, camping as well as waterfalls and everything nature-related. This trek is a great place to relax, since it’s ideal for night treks.


Harishchandra gad Trek (Maharashtra)

Harishchandra Gad trek is known as the “Trekkers Paradise. It lies at the borders of Pune close to Thane and is regarded as the top trek in Maharashtra. Due to its diverse array of fauna and flora, this route is a favorite for adventurers and trekkers. The trek offers stunning views as well as challenging treks such as Kokan Kada as well as Taramati. The trek will take you across one of the Temple of Harishchandreshwar, Ganesh Gufa, Kedareshwar Cave, and Sapta Tirta.


Kabbal Durga Trek (Karnataka)

Kabbal Durga Trek is in Kabbal Durga village which is just 80 km from Bangalore. This is a village that is famous for Kabbalamma and Fort, which is now in ruins. The trek is suitable for individuals who are in good shape of health and are fit enough to trek on rough terrains. It is a great idea to enjoy the night in the star-filled sky.


Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek (Karnataka)

This is a great trek for students who are just beginning their journey as well as professionals too. At the summit of the mountain is the Hindu temple is located at the foot of Granite Boulder. This is the reason why pilgrims and trekkers love this trek. The trek is famous due to Asian elephants. About 80 kilometers away from Bangalore.


Are you planning to go on a trek in Bangalore? Make reservations for the breathtaking Kudremukh Trek for the lowest price today.


Vikatgad Trek (Maharashtra)


Vikatgad Trek is a great monsoon track.  There is a long history of Shivaji Maharaj’s caves that were used to store grains. They are located in Neral with stunning views. It’s a day-long trek that can be started in the evening and finish up to sunrise.


Devkund Waterfall Trek (Maharashtra)

Devkund Falls Night trek located in the Bhira village of the Raigad district. It is located close to Western Ghats. The trek offers a view of dense forests, prettiest waterfalls, riverbeds and lakes. The trek takes about 5 hours trip to this from Pune. The hike is 6 kilometers long. There is a chance to see an amazing sunrise in the background of vast mountains, lush greenery and sparkling waters.


Kaas Plateau (Maharashtra)

These wildflowers of 175 species are located on the plateau. A variety of animals, birds and reptiles have made their homes in this area. Most suitable time to go on the trek is between September and October. It is well-known for photography. The stunning photos that you can get from the edge are stunning.


Kalsubai Trek (Maharashtra)

It is possible to see Green Landscapes and Multiple Landscapes on this hike up to Kalsubai Temple. It is a beautiful and peaceful experience of Sunrise.



These are just a few of the popular treks that are famous in India. In these treks, you can enjoy the Star-Studded skies and the enchanting effects of nightlight in our country. Experience the nightlife as an main benefit of this journey.

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