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Top 7 places to visit in South Africa

by skymilesdelta

South Africa is a diversified and stunning nation that is nearly the same size as France and Spain put together or about twice the size of Texas. It is a sanctuary for tourists from all over the world because of its diverse cultures, fascinating fauna, breathtaking landscape, and wonderful beaches. Visitors immediately learn that South Africa’s main tourist sites are well complemented by the country’s colourful population and rich history, making for an amazing experience.Find Top 7 places to visit in South Africa in this guide.

Kruger National Park

One of the best and oldest game reserves in Africa is Kruger National Park in South Africa. This well-known park must be on your South Africa itinerary if you enjoy animals.

The “Big Five” lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros may all be seen in the park, which is roughly a 3.5- to 4.5-hour journey from Johannesburg. The park also has an incredible variety of other animals. San (bushman) rock art and archaeological sites can be found there as well.

You may plan a walking safari, take a hot air balloon ride over the huge grasslands, gallery forests, and river systems, or drive across Kruger National Park on the extensive network of paved roads.

One of the nicest things about Kruger National Park is that there are lodging options for every price range. You may choose from simple campsites, thatched hut rentals, or luxurious lodges.

The Garden Route

The Garden Route traverses some of South Africa’s most magnificent coastline landscape for around 200 kilometres along the nation’s southeast coast. From Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to Storms River in the Eastern Cape, the route follows the Indian Ocean.

This well-traveled road goes via lagoons, lakes, coastal cliffs, picturesque coastal villages, and rolling green hills. The charming town of Knysna, which is nestled between thick forests and a sparkling lagoon, the stunning Garden Route National Park with its gorges, tidal pools, and dense forests, the ostrich farms and Cango Caves in Oudtshoorn, and the seal colony of the Robberg Nature Reserve in Plettenberg Bay are some of the highlights of the Garden Route.

The variety of side adventures includes anything from whale viewing excursions and elephant encounters to bungee jumping and tree canopy tours.

Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, one of the biggest wilderness regions in the world, was created by combining the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park in South Africa with the Gemsbok National Park in Botswana.

It was created in 2000 and is the first legally recognised transfrontier park in Africa. It is also one of the main tourist destinations in South Africa’s Northern Cape. An eye-catching background for pictures and wildlife viewing is provided by gnarled camel thorn trees, crimson sands, golden meadows, and deep blue sky.

This enormous area is home to a wide variety of animals, including the well-known black-maned Kalahari lion, majestic gemsbok with their V-shaped horns, the expansive nests of gregarious weavers, meerkats, and numerous birds of prey.

Here, you may also find other predators including hyenas, cheetahs, and leopards. For some of the smaller, more difficult routes or for those travelling into Botswana, four-wheel drive vehicles are advised.


One of South Africa’s most attractive towns is Stellenbosch. It’s one of the best surviving settlements from the period of the Dutch East India Company. Stellenboschis a patchwork of fields, old oak trees, and white-washed Cape Dutch homes.

It is now a lively university town with beautiful landscape. Foodies will enjoy this place. Some of South Africa’s top eateries may be in Stellenbosch, along with several sidewalk cafés.

The Stellenbosch Village Museum, a collection of four restored homes and gardens ranging from 1709 to 1850, allows history aficionados to take a trip down memory lane. Important paintings by South African painters are on show at the Rupert Museum, and exploring the University of Stellenbosch’s Botanic Garden is another must-do activity.

Nature lovers may explore the spectacular Jonkershoek Nature Reserve’s wilderness paths on foot or by bicycle in the neighborhood.  Delta Airlines Book A Flight service is available at your ease for making this dream destination come true.

Pilanesberg National Park

Lacking time but yet wanting to explore Africa’s Big 5? About 2.5 hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria, the Pilanesberg National Park is home to an abundance of animals and a stunning variety of birds. It is a fantastic day trip or extended stay destination and is easily reachable from these big cities. It boasts a larger concentration of wildlife while being considerably smaller than the enormous Kruger National Park.

Pilanesberg is in a transitional area between the arid Kalahari Desert. The rain-drenched lowveld, therefore a wide range of animals may be here. Aside from the majority of the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and buffalo), you may also see giraffes, sable and roan antelope, African wild dogs, and herds of zebras.

Different budgets are there in accommodations. Choose from permanent safari tents, bed & breakfasts, self-catering accommodations, or opulent guest resorts.

The best part is that this park is malaria-free, which makes it a fantastic option for family safaris.

Durban’s Golden Mile

The sweeping waterfront promenade called the Golden Mile is a legendary Durban tourist attraction and a great starting point for a tour of the city. Long blond beaches lure swimmers, surfers, and anglers, while the bustling promenade feels like Miami Beach with its high-rise hotels, shops, restaurants, and flashy entertainment complexes.

You can stroll along the promenade or rent a bike or Segway. Besides the beach scene, top attractions along this stretch include uShaka Marine World, a wonderland of sea-themed attractions; Moses Mabhida Stadium; and Mini Town, a tiny replica of Durban with a miniature rail network, airport, and harbor scene.

Boulders Penguin Colony

About an hour from Cape Town, at Simon’s Town, you should go if you enjoy seeing penguins. The Boulders Penguin Colony may be at these three lovely beaches. There are roughly 2,000 members of the charismatic, endangered black-and-white African penguin colony.

The birds may be swimming in the water and relaxing on the nearby granite rocks and sand. If you can withstand the freezing water temperatures, this area’s water is exceedingly clear and tranquil. The boulders protect it from winds and currents, making it a fantastic place to swim.

You must pay a conservation charge to the Table Mountain National Marine Protected Area. This helps protect the penguins’ habitat, in order to access the beach area where the birds live. The boardwalk at Foxy Beach provides the finest vantage points for observing penguins.

Once you’ve seen enough penguins, go to Simon’s Town for lunch. The largest naval facility in South Africa is located in this town. Live person at Delta Airlines will certainly help you with all your booking queries. 

Robben Island

The World Heritage-listed Robben Island in Table Bay serves as a chilling reminder of the atrocities of apartheid. Here, Nelson Mandela and other political dissidents and social outcasts were for 18 years in a cramped cell.

The fact that ex-prisoners frequently serve as the tour guides and provide moving first-person stories of the atrocities they witnessed may be its finest feature.

Multimedia displays in the museum at the Nelson Mandela Gateway in Victoria. Alfred Waterfront serves as the starting point of island tours. The 30- to 45-minute boat voyage to Robben Island is then by tourists, who frequently brave choppy seas. Henceforth, book ahead since the trips tend to fill up quickly.

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