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Top 5 Unusual Things That Happen Every Day

by Hussain

Top 5 Unusual Things That Happen Every Day: You go to work every day, you come home and see your family again, and then repeat the process. But what is happening when you aren’t looking? Sure, there are plenty of things around us that don’t change, but sometimes things happen that we don’t expect.

Best freaky quotes are the best way to get a glimpse into some of the strange and unusual things that happen every day. These quotes about life reveal what happens when you aren’t looking, and they’ll make you look at the world differently.

Here are five unusual things that happen every day:

Your dead skin is a gigantic colony of bacteria

You have bacteria all over your body. All of it is necessary for life, but the type and amount can be harmful or helpful. You have mites living in your eyelashes and a billion times more bacteria than human cells in your mouth. What you may not know, however, is that when you shed dead skin cells they develop into colonies of bacteria that stick to each other to form giant mats on the floor.

The matting process happens every day at some point in time, and not just on toilets. It could happen during your morning shower (if you leave the water running too long). Or maybe during lunch hour if someone spills food onto their desk while eating at their desk (gross).

You are the only person in the universe who hears your voice exactly the way you hear it.

You are the only person in the universe who hears your voice exactly the way you hear it.

When you speak, you hear your voice in one of three ways:

  • In your head (the most common)
  • Thru your ears (also common)
  • In your heart, soul, or body (rare for most people)

You can’t tickle yourself

You can’t tickle yourself. If you have ever tried to tickle yourself, you know this to be true. The brain is the only thing that can tickle you, and the brain cannot tickle itself.

This is because when we are thinking about something in particular (like what would happen if our brains were able to tickle themselves), it’s too easy for our brains to predict what’s coming next in the process of being tickled. This means that even if your hand happens upon some soft hairs or a particularly sensitive spot on your neck while playing with yourself, you’ll never get past step one: “The feeling of someone else touching me.”

There are no special days of the year, they are all equally special.

You’re going to have people in your life that you love. You’re going to have people who are close to you. They might be family members, friends, or lovers. They might be colleagues at work or classmates from childhood, but no matter who they are, and no matter where they come from in history, if they are important and special to you then every day with them is special.

There is more than one way for a person to feel this way about another person; it could be romantic love (the kind between two partners), parental love (the kind between parent and child), friendship love (the kind between friends), filial love (the kind between parents and children), the list goes on.

But no matter what type of relationship it is or how long it lasts; if two people care deeply about each other then every day together becomes ‘special’ because being alive means experiencing all kinds of different things together as well as apart – great times but also bad ones too – which means there’s always something new happening every day regardless whether we want them or not.

When you go to sleep and dream that time passes, it does not.

When you go to sleep and dream that time passes, it does not.

Your brain is still processing information and using energy even when you’re asleep. So, in a way, your dreams are just as real as your waking hours, they’re just happening at a different pace. While you might experience an entire afternoon in the span of what feels like only a few minutes in a dream (or vice versa), there’s no reason to worry about missing out on anything; when you wake up, everything will be right where it was before.

5 million trees die each day.

Did you know that 5 million trees die each day? That’s a billion dead trees per year. And that’s a lot of dead trees. But why are they dying? Climate change is one reason: as temperatures rise, so does the occurrence of pests like bark beetles and wildfires, which means more forests that need to be cut down to prevent them from spreading to other areas. Deforestation can also contribute to climate change because it releases carbon dioxide into the air and decreases an area’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide if left untouched.

Pollution is another factor; pollution-related diseases like fungal infections are taking their toll on many species (it has been estimated that 30% of all tree species are threatened with extinction). Finally, lack of water can also contribute to forest mortality due to drought or water shortages during dry seasons, and since most forests grow around rivers and lakes where there is plenty of fresh water nearby, this could mean trouble for millions more trees in years ahead.

The world is a stranger place than you think. You are the only person who hears your voice exactly the way you hear it, and there are no special days of the year. These facts may seem odd, but they’re all true.

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