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Top 5 Tips to Construct Research Question for a 5-Paragraph Essay

Paragraph Essay

by robertfawl

From elementary to high school and all the way up to university, writing skills are an essential part of an education. All students must be able to write 5 paragraph essay papers on a variety of topics. When you have to write your own essay, then it is important to include a well-structured and clearly articulated research question. Hızlıca gelişen ilçemiz Zeytinburnunda zeytinburnu escort kadınları seksleri renklidir. This question will assist your aim in developing construction strategies and writing abilities in preparing your essay. So, what factors should you take into account when writing a research question? This article will provide a brief overview about research questions and help you getting started with your 5 paragraph essay.

What is a research question?

The research question is a specific question or issue you will research. It identifies what you want to do and focuses on your essay. The researcher solves these questions by analyzing and interpreting different research data. After interpretations, he concludes his research according to its outcomes. A good research question should be focused, accessible, practicable, complex and applicable. You can also hire an essay writing service UK to make your essay perfect.

Importance of research question:

A researcher designs his research method and process according to the research question. It defines the research type and identifies your research’s main aim. With the research question statements, your reader can understand the particular problem and its outcomes. It helps to break your study into achievable goals so you can work in a systematic way.

Tips to construct a research question

There are some major tips you need to follow in formulating your research question into 5 paragraph essay.

Select an interesting  general topic

Selecting a topic is the main thing to consider. Most researchers choose topics according to their field of interest or what they are more interested in studying. Your research will become more enjoyable for you when you choose your research topic according to your research. For example, you can choose a topic like “1930s movies” or “effect of twentieth-century inventions.”

You can use the research question in the 5 paragraph essay’s introduction section. The introduction paragraph consists of background knowledge of the topic or thesis statement. Still, it is necessary to introduce your topic to your readers at the end of the introductory paragraph. It establishes relevancy in the body paragraphs.

Conduct some preliminary research

To make your research and study more authentic, you need to gather background information regarding your topic and do some research. During your preliminary research, you may find related articles, and it can be beneficial for you in two ways:

  • Firstly, you will find the related issues that some scholars or researchers have already discussed in their research.
  • Secondly, you will be able to explore gaps and limitations in existing knowledge that researchers have not studied yet. Keep focusing on the questions occurring in your mind while reading the articles and the literature review of the papers.

To construct a 5 paragraph essay, relate the information from literature review and create its relevance in the body paragraphs.

Consider your audience

When constructing the research question, it is essential to consider your audience. You should be aware that your readers might be academic or professional. Knowing your audience’s interest can also support you in cultivating your research, and you can also pay attention to the aims that the specific audience group will be interested in.

Generate potential questions

Generating questions for yourself is a very useful trick. Start asking “why” and “How” questions about the research topic you chose to research. For example, why is there a need for new technologies? You can also use the assumptions that some researchers made previously. Use your personal experience to overcome the difficulties related to your topic. Do proper research about the gaps and limitations you explored through the literature review.

Review your brainstormed question

Evaluation or brainstorming is also a useful technique to improve your research work in 5 paragraph essay. Your research work and the questions that you made during your research always need evaluation. Make a draft of your body paragraphs to determine whether they need more clarity or not?

During the evaluation, always pay attention to the characteristics of the research questions and ask yourself whether your research question is focused or not? Or if your research question has any complexity?

After this evaluation, you need to think about their solution and do research again if needed. Conclude your 5 paragraph essay with answers to these questions. This part of your essay is a summary of your work. So it is very important to formulate it appropriately.

Frameworks to structure your research question:

There are two basic frameworks to structure your research question.


PICOT framework can construct the research questions keeping in mind the key fundamentals of the research. We can expect the outcomes and how much it will take to achieve. PICOT framework stands for:

  • P: problem or population
  • I: Intervention
  • C: comparison group
  • O: outcomes of the research
  • T: time duration of the research


PEO formate is valuable for qualitative research types. These formate questions identify three ideas and PEO stands for:

  • P: population or problem
  • E: exposure to existing conditions
  • O: outcomes of the research


The research question is essential when it comes to writing a paper. If a student has no idea what he/she is writing about, the reader will be unable to make sense of the piece. When planning this portion of an essay, students must juxtapose two opposing views and come up with their own analysis. Remember, no matter how you choose to write it, you must include your argument in the first paragraph. It needs to make sense even without your explanation. A research question is the most important part of a 5-paragraph essay. But if you’re not careful about how you construct it, then your essay won’t go far. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind as you begin to revise and edit your own work. You’ll thank yourself for the help later!

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