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Top 5 Monsoon season treks to do in India

by Gaurav Dayma


Monsoon is one of the best travel times of the year as you get to experience the real colours of nature while travelling. Seeing the green colour mixed with the smell of the earth acts like a drug in your soul – it makes you crave it. Although there are many places where travelling in the monsoon can be difficult, the area can be perfect for all that sweat.


Storms breathe rich vegetation into the hills, giving hikers a better view. The hills are brighter and brighter during the rainy season, with lush vegetation and lush vegetation. You will be amazed at the amazing beauty of the beautiful Himalayan foothills. You should, however, know where to visit.


Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand: –


Now Valley of flower trek is at the top of my list for major trips because of its great beauty included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Heavy rains make the valley attractive by decorating it with colourful flowers and thus making the viewing more enjoyable. Amazing weather is an added bonus in a colourful area. 


Duration – 6 days

Difficulty- Easy

Height – 15,200ft.


Sinhagad Trek, Pune:-


Do you want to travel near Pune? Sinhagad is a mountain fortress that gives you a wonderful feeling of hiking and a perfect picnic spot. A beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset from this castle is ideal for photography. It also judges you at the top of the mountains and on the hills. The monsoon season can make this place more attractive and add to its green look. The royal castle reflects Qila’s negative experience with its terrifying thunderous sounds.


Duration – 2 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 4304ft.


Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir:-


We often think of Kashmir as a very cold place, but it has a wonderful secret hidden in it. On the way to Kashmir Great Lakes, we can see seven alpine lakes emerging, not below. The best part is that each pool is unique and proud of its beauty. The rainy season can make this trip memorable especially if all you see around you will be green meadows adorned with colourful flowers. Its burning is amazing.


Duration – 8 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 13,750ft


Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh:-


This place is close to Manali and is the most popular hiking destination as you experience so many things during the trek you take a long trek near a few large mountains of Manali. You will find excellent peaks such as Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters by your side. The monsoon season can make this journey difficult but you can really enjoy the view. Plus, it will be a long journey and it will not be too difficult.


Duration – 4 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 12,770ft


Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh:-


This is an excellent trip for beginners and hikers as the Hampta Pass Trek is famous for its spectacular landscapes during the monsoon months. This trip will make you feel both kinds of places green and barren. The Kullu would be covered with pine forests and apple trees, streams and waterfalls, but as soon as you cross it, the land would be a desert and dark brown with barren streaks and straight stone walls. You can also see the beautiful Chandratal Lake filled with clean, clear water. Although walking can be difficult during the monsoon season, you can still find some beautiful natural colours in this beautiful setting.


Duration – 5 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 14,010ft


Dzongri Trek, Sikkim:-


This is one of the most popular routes in Sikkim as it runs from Yuksom to Dzongri and includes hiking in Goecha La while covering areas such as Phedang and Bakkhim. The impressive view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Pandim is the highlight. Due to the heavy rains, there is a green area around you. This trip is really a paradise for mountain lovers, especially monsoon.


Duration – 9 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 13,780ft


Torna Fort Trek, Pune:-


This place is a combination of values ​​and beauty. It starts in the village of Velhe near Pune and extends into a stream that flows through lush green plains full of flowing cascades. You would encounter ruined and abandoned buildings that might seem strange. Also, prepare for the fun as you see two valleys separated by a hill to walk through. The castle is 1405 meters above sea level so when you reach the top you will get a spectacular view of the Sahyadri mountains.


Duration – 2 days

Difficulty- Medium

Height – 4,603ft

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