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Top 5 Magento Development Companies in USA

Magento Development Companies

by emilywhite

Magento is a well-known eCommerce platform when it comes to developing eCommerce websites. The platform has all the necessary features that play a key role in developing a robust eCommerce store.  Due to the platform’s popularity, there are a variety of Magento development companies to choose from when developing an eCommerce website. Finding the one that perfectly suits your business requirements is tough.

Therefore, we have curated the list of the top 5 Magento development companies in USA. The top 5 companies are divided on the basis of their services, ratings, and customer satisfaction ratio. So, you can pick the Magento development company that suits your budget and business requirements.

Magento Development Companies

  • CSSChopper

CSSChopper is a USA-based eCommerce development company founded in the year 2009. The company is renowned for its services in Magento development. With more than 12 years of experience, the company has successfully completed more than 2200 Magento development projects.  Their agile development process helps them to achieve tremendous results in the market.

The developers of the company are well-trained and skillful in delivering out-of-the-box services. Apart from Magento development, the company also offers various services such as Shopify development, CMS and migration service, web development, and so on.

They deliver end-to-end web development services and offer their clients top-quality solutions. Overall, it makes CSSChopper rich in specializations and talent. The company’s major clients are Coca-Cola, Necco, HP, and so on.

Location: USA

Founded in: 2009

Ratings (Clutch): 5.0

No. of Employees: 200 – 500

  • RaveDigital

It is the top-rated Magento development company that has been offering its services since 2008 in different zones of the earth. The Company is headquartered in USA, with three additional locations around the globe.

Over the years, the company has worked with several clients and successfully delivered their projects. Their team of skilled developers works closely with their customers to get the desired results.

Location: USA

Founded in: 2008

Ratings (Clutch): 4.9

No. of Employees: 250 – 999

  • HTMLPanda

HTMLPanda is another leading web development company with an experience of nearly a decade. They offer world-class Magento development services to their clients. Every type of enterprise can avail of its services, from startups to enterprises.

HTMLPanda renders exceptional Magento services such as Custom Magento development, Magento upgradation, extension development, and so on.

The developers of the company are skilled in their domain. In the last few years, they have nurtured more than 320 Magento projects with a client satisfaction rate of 98% and satisfied clients in more than 20 countries. Apart from Magento development, the company offers various services in development, technology, and design to code.

Location: USA

Founded in: 2014

Ratings (Clutch): 5.0

No. of Employees: 100- 250

  • Iflexion

Iflexion is a USA-based company founded in the year 1999 to offer web development services. The company has been assisting different clients. They are experienced in developing Magento projects and have completed numerous projects over the years.

Their team of professionals is extremely excellent in their domain and has catered to clients over the globe.  The company has enhanced its technical knowledge via constant hands-on experience in this domain.

Location: USA

Founded in: 1999

Ratings (Clutch): 4.9

No. of Employees: 250 – 999

  • IndiaNIC

It is also a good web development company that offers its services in the area of Magento development. The company was formed in the year 1998.  Their years of experience helped them to satisfy numerous clients over the globe.  The skilled team of eCommerce professionals works on the agile approach of developing world-class eCommerce web solutions.

Apart from Magento development, the company works on trending web development techniques such as ReactJS, PHP, Laravel, and so on to develop responsive and custom web solutions.

Location: USA

Founded in: 1998

Ratings (Clutch): 4.6

No. of Employees: 250 – 999

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This blog covers the top Magento development companies that can develop world-class Magento solutions. You can examine each one of the companies on the basis of their portfolio and requirements and choose the best team to hire Magento developers for your project.

By hiring these professionals, you can focus on other essential business activities while being assured of their professionalism. All the companies have performed well this year and have acquired a name in the Magento development market.

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