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Top 5 Android App Development Companies in London

Top 5 Android App Development Companies in London

by sparxitsolutions

Nowadays, practically everyone utilizes mobile apps for social networking, ordering food, shopping, gaming, money transfers, and other activities. So, developing a unique mobile app for your audience is a profit-making option. However, there are numerous mobile app development companies, and choosing the reliable one could be a lot of work. Thus, this blog will help you find London’s top android application development company. Industry professionals have compiled the list after carefully evaluating each company.

These companies employ cutting-edge technologies and strategies to assist their clients in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

So let’s get going.

List of the Best Android App Development Companies in London

1. SparxIT

SparxIT is a prominent mobile app development company in London. The company was founded in 2007; since then, they have produced numerous mobile app solutions for startups, Fortune 500, SMEs, and big organizations.

It offers multiple mobile app development services such as android app development, cross-platform mobile app development, AI/IoT/Blockchain app development, etc. You can even discuss the mobile app development cost to build an interactive app. 

SparxIT has developed mobile apps for various domains like EdTech, Healthcare, logistics, Fintech, etc. The company’s clientele comprises HP, Vedanta, Amdocs, Coca-Cola, Motorola, etc.

2. Hedgehog Lab

Established in 2007, Hedgehog Lab is a worldwide digital product consultancy based in London. They have created multiple mobile and digital solutions like interactive UX/UI design and app testing for startups and scale-scale enterprises. 

The firm has built 100+ interactive android applications for its clients. They have delivered their services to companies like Deliveroo, LaserShip, Go City, etc. 

3. Apadmi

Founded in 2009, Apadmi is a popular mobile app development firm that creates digital products that deliver rich experiences for people utilizing mobile and web platforms.

The agency has more than 200 developers that provide diverse mobile app solutions like iOS app development, android app development, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain app development, DeFi app development, etc. The company’s major clients include Range Rover, Argos, Lexus, etc.

4. Tapptitude

Established in 2013, It is a product studio collaborates with funded startups and companies to create intuitive mobile-first products. They have helped numerous businesses, including multinational brands, SMEs, and startups like Tenor, Glorify, Wellory, Ontapp, etc.

The firm delivers multiple services such as android app development, product definition, rapid prototyping, MVP development, cloud migrations, etc. The organization has professional developers who develop engaging android apps. 

5. Andersen Inc.

Founded in 2007, Andersen Inc is a mobile app development agency in London. It has 3400+ developers who deliver services to worldwide enterprises. They have also provided their services to MNCs, startups, and individuals. 

It offers services to sectors including logistics, financial services, digital health, finance, and energy. Popular clients comprise S&P Global, Ryanair, IHS Markit, TUI, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Picking the right android app developers in London for your business is critical. If not appropriately chosen, it can waste your time and resources. Before you hire android app developers, consider diverse components such as the developer’s experience, location, budget, etc. 

Author Bio

Helen Ruth is a professional writer in Sparx IT Solutions. she is passionate about contributing tech news and tips around application and web development technologies.

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