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Top 10 safety tips for university students

Students who go to study abroad are very serious about their academics, as they should be. But with all this studying comes specific....

by thomasjack9654

Students who go to study abroad are very serious about their academics, as they should be. But with all this studying comes specific responsibilities like being aware of surroundings, safety, finance and more.

If you are only engrossed in finding the best dissertation writing service, studying and looking for sample papers for exam you will have no time to look for health and safety.

Going abroad is a big decision for college students, and nowadays, it is only getting more and more common, which is why today we are going to talk about the top ten safety tips for college students:

1) Carry a known companion with you

Any student going abroad to study must always look for a trusted companion. Your trusted companion can be fellow friends like you, seniors or even local students. Having a friend with you always will help you feel safe and stay out of trouble.

Not only that these companions can help you with your study work so that you do not require dissertation writing service from Singapore or Assignment Help writers for any subject.

Avoid going everywhere alone as you can easily fall prey to serious circumstances once anyone starts following or noticing you too much.

2) Avoid destinations at night

The next tip is to avoid any destinations at night. Night time or anytime at dark is the best time for any faulty activities to be carried out. Broad daylight makes you feel safe. There are loads of people around, and it is easier for people to notice and help you.

Even when it’s dark the probability of bad things happening increases way far, which is why you should avoid such times.

3) Know local police number

When you are new somewhere, it is your definite right to know and save the number of utmost authority. This can be the police number, your college high authoritative people and others who can help you in times of danger.

Most of these numbers are provided to students from abroad, but in any case, if you do not have them, then do not forget to get those numbers and keep them handy.

4) Learn the local language

How can you ask for help if you are too unknown with their language? Knowing the native language of the place you are going to is very important to get correct directions, communicate and reach out in times of help.

Even if you are not entirely fluent, being well versed with specific terms and phrases is essential. You can even carry books for translation to get the help you need.

5) Carry safety appliances

Carrying pepper spray, and small knives are again something, which is getting more common now. Carrying safety appliances gives reassurance which we all need at times. However, carrying something which will ensure your safety is not to be ashamed of.

So instead, keep it around as it can save your life and those with you.

6) Carry identity cards

When you are out and about, carrying your ids is a must. Carry your ID card and also advise others who accompany you to carry their identification cards. When in trouble, these cards can be your way back home.

7) Avoid carrying too much cash

If you carry too much cash in a country you know very little about then, you are already calling for danger. It is very foolish to have loads of money because there are high chances of getting robbed or facing harsh consequences.

Hence keep only limited cash and a little extra for emergencies. Do not carry your entire bank and credit card with you as it can attract predators with bad intentions.

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8) Avoid wearing too much jewellery

The next tip is to avoid wearing too much jewellery. Too much jewellery again brings in a lot of attention. Sometimes it can be the subject of appreciation, and sometimes it can fall into the eyes of robbers.

Hence avoiding wearing too much jewellery in public places. Wearing them at parties and events is ok, although we will advise you to avoid looking like a blingy doll and tone it down.

9) Stay safe online

Facing online harassment and cyber crimes is huge right now. Although there are various protocols, there are no ends to these crimes.

Some of the standard safety measures you can follow are avoiding providing too much personal information online, do not provide your locations, and not accessing third-party apps on your phone anymore. All these are guaranteed ways of staying safe online.

10) Don’t trust anyone easily

A very vital tip which we need to mention in the end is not to trust anyone easily. Students are very excited about college life which is why they trust and like everything and everyone easily.

But it is too late before they start facing the consequences of it. Even the most pleasant person can turn out to have evil intentions. Hence don’t trust anyone easily. Don’t trust people, not in your dorm and not outside as well.

Taking care of safety should be on top of the priority list. Students going to study abroad alone is very courageous, but knowing certain hacks to keep yourself safe should be included.

If you need a little help with safety and do not know what things to look out for then, these tips will be the best guide for you. Stop just getting paper help and being all focused on academics and start caring for your safety too.

Author bio

Jack Thomas is a lecturer at the university of Scotland. He has done master’s degree in history and loves sharing her knowledge with students. Currently, she is associated it to provide dissertation writing services to students in need.

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