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by Sophiekells

Before writing a dissertation it is important for students to come up with an idea. The idea of writing a dissertation is important and the first step towards writing it. It is the simplest rule because you cannot work on a dissertation if you don’t know what you are writing on.

To come up with an innovative or unique idea you must develop a strong idea. Now the real work begins when you start finding the right idea. There are some ways to find the right idea such as finding the areas of your own interest and field. Doing a little research would be good. It would help you to find the key findings of other researchers and it can help you derive your own idea. You can read plenty of articles to find gaps and come up with the idea to resolve that gap. This can allow you to base your entire idea on this identified gap.


You can also assess what is striking you in the identified gap and start working on it. Once you know what your idea is, start narrowing it down. Various dissertation chapter writing services follow this step as well. Finding the best way to frame your idea must be the next step. You neither have to be too ambitious nor vague. It must be specific and reasonable. Then move from the broad idea to a narrow niche that you will find and base results on.


Introducing Topic

After finalizing your idea, introduce it in your introduction. Give a little background related to the topic and explain why you have selected it. The background helps in laying the groundwork for readers. It allows them to understand the pretext of the topic selected. Then it is important for you to write the aims and objectives of your dissertation. These will explain what you are trying to find in your research. After this, illustrate the research questions that you think will arise from this study and then answer these questions later in the findings.

It is suitable to give the problem statement that why are you conducting this research on which specific problem. The rationale and significance of the research are also important to cite to convey the entire purpose of the dissertation.


Citing Literary Work

The dissertation proposal is a significant initial step toward writing your dissertation for an undergraduate or research master’s program. The most important step while writing a dissertation proposal is to explore your idea through various cited literature works. The literature work is the work performed by other authors on similar topics. This helps in providing evidence for the arguments that you may cite in your dissertation. This section is important because it helps you find the gap in other researchers’ work. You can find a gap and target that area to base your dissertation on it. Also in this section, the findings from other researchers’ work are concluded and summarised. This helps in developing theoretical and conceptual frameworks as well. That depends on the nature of the dissertation topic as well. Not every topic needs to have a conceptual framework and it’s important to keep this in mind.


Definition Methodology 

Methodology acts as a roadmap for the researchers. It helps them in adopting such methods and approaches that are important in finding the desired results.

A way of describing the way you are collecting data and the methods you are using to analyze it. It is a complete structure for analyzing and collecting data. This section demands you be more specific. The reason is that this section communicates how realistically you are carrying your dissertation work (Peoples, 2020). The outlook of this section differs on the basis of your topic. Also, the length of these sections depends on the selected topic.

Identifying Limitations And Implications Of Research

Sometimes research has its limitations based on various reasons. For instance, you have conducted your research on a particular geographical area or country like Bhutan. The conditions for the other countries are different like European countries. This can limit the scope of your dissertation to a particular geographical region.

Besides this, students or researchers mainly conduct their results and discussion after performing the research. Sometimes you cannot be sure about your results. In this case, it is suggested that you must describe the implications and contribute to the knowledge of the entire dissertation or work.

The intention must be clear that either this work is contributing to the knowledge of institutions in a state or challenging a community belief and so on and so forth. After realizing this it must be delicately stated in concluding remarks. It must be stated that it is hoped that this work will contribute to the knowledge related to some topic that you find the best fit.

References Or Bibliography

Giving references or bibliography at the end of your work is extremely important. It is evidence of the articles or journals, books etc. that have been used to base your opinions. It’s a way of directing to the sites or articles that you have consulted while writing the research. It helps in providing evidence to what is written in the document.

Every university or institution has its own rules and regulations regarding the formatting of references. Some universities prefer Harvard while others may prefer APA, MLA etc. (Glasper, 2021). If you are not dictated to by any particular requirement you can choose your choice on your own.

On the other hand, a bibliography is a little different from that of a reference list. A bibliography can include all the consulted sources even if they are not cited in the text written. If you are writing a dissertation you can also add a list of relevant sources that you have not read yet but they can be cited due to relevancy.


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