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Tips to improve the management of your warehouse

by milan

Saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency: improving the management of your warehouse is now a key factor for companies in their race to improve performance.  The continuous growth of e-commerce and the increase in the number of orders to be shipped every day require optimal management of the supply chain. You can contact Best Transloading Services in Kent

Follow our  tips to improve the management of your warehouse

1 – Choose the logistics strategy that suits your needs

A small warehouse that ships 50 orders a day cannot follow the same strategy as a warehouse that has to handle more than 1,000 shipments a day.

Identify your needs , evaluate your warehouse and calculate the number of orders it handles before establishing your logistics strategy .
What do you identify with?

  • A small logistics: for 50 orders a day, in a 500 m2 warehouse with a team of 5 people, organization is simpler and collaborators cover different roles according to needs
  • Structured logistics: more than 50 orders a day, the warehouse must follow precise rules and each person has a specific task
  • Industrialized logistics: over 1,000 orders per day, opting for automation and the insertion of machines. Warehouse management software optimizes order processing
  • Logistics outsourcing:a specialized third-party warehouse manages the logistics and is able to cope even with significant activity peaks

2 – Improve the working environment

Improving the work environment of employees allows you to:

  • Limit unnecessary travel: Optimizing the placement of products on shelves to facilitate picking
  • Limit the transport of heavy loads: by equipping your warehouse with forklifts or pallet trucks . You will avoid the risk of accidents and optimize your work.

Investing in quality products is also  a great way to improve the working environment: a high-performance WMS (management system), barcode readers, screens, etc.

3 – Structure and order the warehouse

A good use of space is essential  in order not to turn your warehouse into a “battlefield”.

To structure the space, you can:

  • Establish a rule to classify all products, the so-called collocation, to establish the logistics routes that will quickly lead to the desired product
  • Carefully delimit  storage and work areas : overcrowded areas, storage areas, collection areas, arrival and shipping areas, transport areas, etc.

4 – Define the tasks of each

The more structured the warehouse is, the more precise the tasks become. The more  employees are familiar with their tasks, the faster they will work. To distribute everyone’s tasks, assign them to different areas of the warehouse: picking, order preparation, shipping, packing, etc.

5 – Create an area of ​​high turnover products

In every warehouse there  are products with a high turnover, those that are the most orderly  and therefore the most busy. We advise you to  create a special area  for these products, a “shop” near the packing/shipping area.

6 – Organize the products according to the type

To improve the management of your warehouse, consider the possibility of classifying your products also according to their characteristics.

For example:

  • Heavy or bulky products (requiring dedicated and technical handling).
  • Freshor perishable products
  • Custom products

This organization will save you time during the logistics flow.

7 – Use the cross-docking technique

Cross-docking is a logistics solution that aims to reduce product movements by improving productivity: concretely, it consists in eliminating the intermediate storage phases of incoming goods by loading them directly onto another outgoing vehicle. In this way you speed up shipments considerably.



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