Tips for choosing the right TV stand

by kakiov

What better room than the living room to relax or to have a good time with friends? For you to feel good, it is important that your living room is designed to meet your habits and decorated according to your tastes. As such, the choice of TV stand plays a role in the harmony that emerges from your stay. Dimensions, aesthetics, functions, location… How to make the right choices? Here are all our tips for choosing the right TV stand.

For your TV stand, above all, think practical…

To know which location to choose for your TV stand, first ask yourself what orientation you want your TV to have. We recommend placing your sofa and armchair at a distance equivalent to six times the diagonal of your television. For large plasma screens, the ideal distance between your sofa and the TV is even fixed at five meters! This recommendation is not always easy to put into practice, but it guarantees you the best visual comfort and the fairest harmony in the room.

Similarly, when every square meter counts, have the reflex of the corner TV stand. It is indeed an ideal solution to avoid having to “suffer” a piece of furniture with dimensions that are too imposing and “suffocate” in an interior where the furniture will display a disproportionate size in relation to the surface area of ​​the room. Advantage of the corner TV stand: it perfectly delimits the space, matches the size of your room and creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere for convivial and warm TV evenings. Thus, the Norden corner TV cabinet, 100% in solid rubberwood, combines the elegance and quality of a pure essence, with practicality, its bottom being drilled in two places to let the wires pass. The plus: your TV unit can be stacked or juxtaposed with other units in the Norden range.

Some tips from the pros!


Also pay attention to light sources. It is obvious that a TV stand placed facing a window will reflect ambient light and disturb your viewing comfort. The lights will also have to be placed intelligently, so as to create a cozy atmosphere, which does not make the image too white.


Do you have other devices, such as decoders, an Internet box, DVD players, etc. which must be placed in the immediate vicinity of your television? If this is the case, it will be wise to opt for a TV stand with drawer. Check it now. Decoration tip: if your living room is not very large, there is no need to overload it. It will also make it easier to move around the room.


To highlight your living room and its TV corner, the furniture intended to receive your television will have to display a height that depends on the seat of your sofa. It will be important that both are at the same height. If you live in a small space, it may be interesting to opt for a high cabinet, this to optimize your storage space.

Choose the right dimensions for your TV stand!

To accentuate the design aspect of a TV stand, also make sure that its dimensions exceed those of your television. It is indeed recommended to choose it longer, that is to say 1 m 60 or 1 m 80 long.

Depending on your use, you may prefer a model that has a varied number of storage spaces. Today there is a very diverse choice of TV cabinets, offering drawers, niches, doors, essential for storing all digital devices, CDs, DVDs. But their role is also aesthetic. Generally imposing, the importance of the TV cabinet is major since with the sofa.

Thus, some top-of-the-range models even fulfill the function of display cases, by offering glass doors, sometimes equipped with lighting. An ideal solution, both for hiding wires and other electrical components, and for playing the“deco”note and highlighting your most beautiful sculptures or collectibles.

Prefer not to see your TV? Be aware that some TV cabinets offer sliding walls to hide the TV. Finally, if you don’t want to fix your TV to the wall, there are TV unit models equipped with particle board, allowing it to be hung on the wall of the cabinet.

In terms of shapes, the possibilities are also numerous. Thus, you can opt for rectilinear shapes, for a very refined interior and design. In this case, and if your equipment is space-saving, the design of the Homary TV stand will not leave you indifferent. Thanks to its colored sliding door, your furniture stands out for its originality and modularity. Perfect for small spaces, it is also a piece of furniture favored by aesthetes who appreciate the finesse of oak and the contemporary note of white.

Curved shapes will invite conviviality and will be able to adapt to the shape of the new television screens, which are also curved.

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