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by Rakshitmangtani



Pune is one of the cities located in Maharashtra which is also the second largest within the State. Pune is gaining popularity with people who love exploring and holidays. Because it is connected to Sahyadri mountain, it’s an ideal destination for travel. The people who visit are looking to be more in touch in nature rather than in the city. Eşsiz yaşam barındıran büyük sitelerin olduğu ilçemizde beylikdüzü escort kadınlarına web sayfamızdan oldukça kolay bulaşacaksınız. They would like to spend time in the forest, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. It’s a beautiful green area. It is considered to be the most desirable city in India due to its climate conditions and its proximity to forests, making it awash with wildlife and flora.


Spiti valley is located in Himachal Pradesh. It’s situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet, and is among the coldest regions in India. It gets sun only for about 250 of the 365 days. Its mountains get covered with thick snow for about six months. Spiti is a reference to “The Middle land ” because Spiti valley is the only one that separates India as well as Tibet. For those who love adventure and trekker fans, this winter paradise is one of the most ideal in the nation.


The area is surrounded by rivers, mountains, as well as forests Spiti is possibly the most isolated region located in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti does not have an airport or railway station yet. It is only accessible via road between Kullu as well as Shimla. Spiti does not have an airport on its own therefore Kullu airport serves as the closest airport. There are flights from Kullu are accessible from Mumbai. The remainder of the distance must be covered by roads. Total distance from Kullu to Spiti is 78km from Kullu totals 78 km. It is a pleasure to travel through the mountains to Spiti is a beautiful experience via road. The distance from Mumbai towards Spiti valley is 2162km which is an extremely long distance to cover on road.


For winter treks, Spiti is the most suitable spot to be in Himachal Pradesh. It has snowy mountains, lakes forests, monasteries and forests to help you relax. If you’re looking to be in the midst of nature and experience the beauty of nature, this is the perfect spot. For those who are nature lovers, trekkers cyclists, and campers, this location should be on your bucket list. Here’s a locations to visit in the Spiti valley.

  • Chandratal Lake
  • Kunzum Pass
  • Pin Valley National Park
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Baralacha La



Chandratal Lake:

Chandratal lake is situated at 14,220 feet and is among the highest elevations in the Himalayas. It is situated at 27km from Spiti Valley. The location is an ideal combination of wild natural beauty and thrilling. The winter months are when temperatures drop to 0 degrees and sometimes -40 degrees and people are reluctant to be visited. The winters here are harsh due to landslides and snowfalls which are closed to visitors.

Kunzum Pass:

Kunzum Pass is situated at 15,060ft , and offers a amazing view to take in. It is situated in the Kunzum range of the Himalayas. This is a perfect pass for bikers and risk-averse people who would like to have fun on adventures. It is among the highest motorbike passes in India. The pass connects the Spiti valley as well as the Lahaul valley. The pass is closed in monsoon and winter to ensure safety. The road becomes treacherous and hazardous to travel on.

Pin Valley National Park:

Pin Valley National Park is located in Kaza valley located in Himachal Pradesh. It is located 31 kilometers away from Kaza up to Pin valley. It’s a stunning and blissful experience that is serene and wonderful to feel. It is situated at an elevation higher than the average and its temperature is suitable for threatened animals, such as the snow leopard, Siberian Fox etc. It is home to many medicinal plants and is considered to be endangered. The best time to visit the stunning beauty of this area is between July and October.

Dhankar Monastery:

Dhankar Monastery is situated at an elevation of 3,894m. A stunning site for those who are interested with Tibetan Buddhism. The village in which the monastery is located is located is situated between Kaza as well as Tabo towns. The distance is about 40km from Spiti village and takes around an hour to get there. The monastery has been in existence that dates back to the 12th century. It is during summer that it is the ideal time to visit this monastery and its long and rich historical background.

Baralacha La:

Baralacha La is located at 16,040ft within the Zanskar range. It’s an 8-km long pass that is adored by hikers who cross. It offers a breathtaking panorama that is enjoyed when traveling. 


Spiti valley is the home of a number of old monasteries that have a long story to be discovered. There are some areas with the highest elevation and brimming of natural beauty. It’s a fantastic historical heritage that you can visit with your family and friends. The village, the lifestyle and the local market are a part of the local community to the point of. The winter months are extremely rough to wander in the area. The ideal time to visit is between summer and winter, when temperatures are ideal for those who visit.


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