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Thing to do in pawna lake

by akshat01

Pawna Lake, a preferred place for picnics and camping, may be a far-famed hill station that is located in Maharashtra. With numerous things to try, folks come back here with their partners, friends or family to get pleasure from a retreat amidst the natural beauty. 

Multiple Pawna lake activities like paragliding, camping, boating, horse riding and cycling among others can keep you hooked to the present pretty paradise. folks returning to Maharashtra from everywhere Asian countries and different countries ensure to go to this place. Explore the caves and forts with made history and wholesome views on your visit to Pawna Lake, that maintains pleasant weather throughout the year. Pawna lake is most fitted for fast getaways and weekend picnics with various fun things to try to do.

Things to do in Pawna Lake : 

  • Tenting in Pawna lake

Tenting is one of all those things to do in Pawna lake, which is extremely counseled  by tons of tourists. It’s a good activity which will be enjoyed by couples, friends and even alongside family members. There are many campsites like flowering tree fort, Tikona fort and Bhaje caves settled round the Pawna lake wherever you’ll be able to set your camp for the night and luxuriate in a pleasant evening around the campfire.

Time: the best time to travel camping at Pawna Lake is from 4 PM of Day 1 to 11 AM of Day 2

  • Get pleasure from the bird’s-eye views

 Pawna lake activities love zip-lining, offering an ideal chance to capture the gorgeous reads of the place. Imagine seeing the clouds up shut from the highest of the mountains, it’s a particularly charming website that you simply get to own at Pawn Lake.

Off from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll be able to capture beautiful panoramic images whilst exploring the lake. You even get pleasure from the simplest bird’ eye view from the Tikona fort.

Timing: Around sunrise and sunset.

  • Paragliding

Paragliding is one far-famed and venturesome Pawna lake activity that can’t be missed. You get to fly with the foremost practiced pilots, whereas enjoying a stable and secure cycle flight. For a haunting expertise, ensure you are trying this exciting experience while visiting Pawna Lake. You get to chop through the clouds floating around hill first-rate while enjoying a shocking aerial read of the lake. Pawna lake may be an excellent place to glide, even on a moderately hot day, because the weather remains for the most part of the year. The instant of kicking off with the birds and flying high within the sky is a final experience on its own.

Timing: 09:00 AM to 06:00  PM

  • Visit Shinde gully Hills

One of the foremost far-famed Pawna lake activities is walking over the hills at Shinde Wadi in Kamshet and getting pleasure from the cool breeze. The hills are at an elevation of quite two hundred ft., wherever you’ll be able to acknowledge the thrilling sunrise from the top. You get to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere close these hills as you explore the unimaginable place. These hills are settled a pair of kilometers from the Kamshet and enclosed by attractive fantastic things about the Bedse Caves and Pawna lake. This place is additionally nice for anyone who needs to undertake their hand at paragliding.

Timing: From 06:00 AM to 08.30 PM is the ideal time to go to Shinde gully Hills.

  • Pray at the Temple of Kondeshwar

The Temple of Kondeshwar, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is legendary for being located within a dense forest. An exciting hike through the forest can lead you to the temple of Kondeshwar. The design of the Kondeshwar temple is astonishing and worth admiring. The temple is formed from splendid black marbles and offers a magic red of a pool that captivates each visitor. you’ll be able to pray peacefully within the temple and close to the misty waterfalls because the surroundings are quite calm. 

  • Kayaking

There are several things to try to to in there, however Kayaking has become such a lot far-famed lately. Kayaking has proven to be a huge attraction for several tourists visiting Pawna lake. A requirement to strive for items in people’s bucket list, Kayaking at the lake is very safe. An Associate in Nursing professional guides you through the method and provides you an arrangement for the same. You get to witness many stunning views while paddling your boat through the lake.

Timing: Daytime from sunrise to sunset

  • Witness the tempting Sunrise and Sunset

On traveling to Pawna lake, away from the hustle and bustle of town life. You’re treated with the emotional views of sunrise and sunset. An imposing lake enclosed by lush inexperienced hills work the right canvas to witness the sumptuous views of the sun. See the superb colors within the sky alongside the placing fantastic things about sunrise and admire the clouds dance in the sky around sunsets with the birds chirping around you. Pawna lake may be a far-famed sunrise and sunset destination that attracts several people, together with tourists traveling to Lonavala.

Timing: From 05:00 AM to 06:45 AM in the mornings & from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM within the evenings.

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