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These are the 9 secrets of highly successful Craigslist sellers

How to Post

by gaga1

You have probably used Craigslist for all the usual reasons. You may be looking for a home, job, or partner, or perhaps you have something to offer or sell. There are many tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of this service.

A little bit of knowledge can make all the difference between selling an item in days or even hours and letting it languish in the archives for a whole month before you post it again. These guidelines will help you get better results when you next post an item on Craigslist.

These are not general craigs list seattle tips. It is important to be cautious when meeting people or giving out personal information. These tips can be found on Craigslist’s safety & scam information. You can also check out the Craigslist forums in your area.

1. Repost your Ad to Keep it on the Top

It would be great if you could click a button to have your ad appear at the top of the page. Sorry, it won’t happen. Craigslist has taken measures to prevent that. It’s primarily to prevent spammers from flooding the site. There are ways to avoid spammers from engulfing your site. Buyers won’t want to read through pages upon pages of old posts. It could take up to 30 days for you to repost your ad (the time it takes for it to expire) to sell it. It’s likely that you should repost if you don’t get a reply within a few days after posting.


Before you post ads on craigslist seattle, make sure you have an account. Although you don’t really need one, it can make your life easier.

  • Post your ad as usual (regarding the tips below)
  • Log in again the next day. Right click on the ad that you want to repost, and then open it in a new tab.
  • Right-click on “Edit this Posting” and open it in a new tab.
  • Right-click on the “category”, where your ad is posted, to open it in a new tab. All of these tabs allow for quick editing.
  • Click the “Post” button at the top right to select a category or location.
  • Copy and paste the sections from the original ad into the blank template. When done, click continue.
  • Please fill out the captcha code.
  • Go back to the old ad, which should be on your second tab.
  • Now, your ad should be reposted at top of the category.


    2. ALWAYS Post

We are visual creatures. Post an image if you’re selling something, be it a house, an old television, or yourself in an ad. Image-based ads are more popular than text-based ones. When I search for used items, I filter out ads that do not have images. I believe that if someone doesn’t post a photo, it could be an indication of something wrong with the item. Make sure you take clear and crisp photos when taking photos of the item. You shouldn’t snap a blurry, out-of focus photo on your phone and call it good. This only irritates buyers. They’ll move on.

3. Do not ask a question in your headline

It may be a good idea to post a job, personal ad or service advertisement. If you ask the right questions, people will be drawn to your ad. Personal questions are very effective. If you are selling a tangible item, such as a house, car or other object, it is important to keep the headline informational. These headlines are examples:

Both contain basically the same information. The first description is straightforward. The second sounds like marketing talk and makes me feel like a salesman trying to sell me a junk car with a new paint job. Just like any listing in a Best Buy or Target catalog, be direct. If you are selling a house, this applies twice. Don’t pretend to know more than you need. It will cause you pain.

4. Be as specific as you can

You’re selling something people will need to travel to collect. They want to learn as much information as possible about the item before they travel there. I have seen listings with barely one line about the item.

Yeah, great. An ad with photos of the bookcase, along with information about its condition, maker, and location is much more appealing. The seller can also be seen in the photos. The one who couldn’t be bothered to put up the ad was a failure, while the other did a great job. Although it may not reflect the person you are or the state of the item you are selling, Craigslist is a place where first impressions matter.

5. Do your Homework

You thought that homework was over. Craigslist is huge and thousands of items are listed every year. How can you make your offer more appealing if you are selling your sofa? Spend some time on Craigslist. You can search the ads to see similar sofas being sold. Are you seeing a sofa that’s been used over and over again? Is there something wrong? It didn’t sell. Too high a price Bad pictures, or no pictures at all? You need to dig deep. You should be able write compelling ads once you have a good understanding of the area. Then there’s the tricky part…

6. Be sure to verify the price

This negotiation is like all negotiations. It’s about finding a compromise between your wishes and the buyer’s. Buyers will pay the lowest price possible and you will get what you need. You won’t get any buyers if you post a high-priced item. You’ll lose your bargaining leverage if you post too low. Craigslist buyers will try to get you a lower price, so it’s a good idea to consider that. I generally accept the lowest price I can afford and then add 20-25% to it. This is not a rule that applies to everything, such as a car or a house, but it’s an acceptable guideline. You can post your sofa for $300 and get no less than $225. There’s a good chance you’ll get $250. Everyone is happy. Accept cash only, preferable in $20 bills or less.

7. Combine items that go together

Although it may seem obvious, many people will list both a crib or a glider separately. Chances are, if someone is looking for one, they might also need the other. Pair them together.

8. Be an eager Beaver

I don’t like to respond immediately to calls or emails. Craigslist sellers have a better chance of selling their items if they respond to emails and calls promptly. Many people will send several emails to sellers. The first person to reply wins the sale. Be polite and enthusiastic, and ensure you are the first to respond. Post your ad if you are going on a vacation or business trip. To reduce the amount of emails you receive, Texter is a good option.

9. Consider Trades

Craigslist is a great place to find bartering opportunities. People have a lot more stuff than they need, and less stuff that they want. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. So if you have something that you need that is as good as cash, let them know.

These nine tips will help you get your products moving faster than a heat wave. If you have any other great selling tips, please let us know. But, before I sign off, a final word…

Make sure you are a good Craigslister!

This has happened to me many times. I do a search, find what I need, and send an email. The reply says, “Sorry that this was sold.” Why is the ad still there? It’s even more frustrating that you keep searching for the same item over and over again, but that ad is still up! Do not litter Craigslist with old ads. This is a terrible way to help this valuable community.

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